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The have you spoilt your child or children this xmas thread.

Spent the afternoon wrapping my daughters xmas gifts up. Every year we say we won't go mad and every year we buy shedloads.

Do wonder whether its the fact that neither myself or my wife had much whilst we were kids......anyway, anyone else bought too much?

She is 9 and has main presents of an iPad Air and one of the lego expert modular sets. On top of that there are around 20 other items!

Always think about holding something back but we never do.


  • Yes def spoilt both of mine took from ten thirty till five to wrap everything yesterday
  • Yes spoilt my 2 rotten it's the first Christmas that me and there mum are no longer together so I think I went a bit overboard, iPad air for daughter and 100cc quad for boy plus a few hundred each on other bits
  • Our daughter we try to restrain ourselves and have mostly restricted it to 'tree presents' but she'll have a bike when we get back to Bermuda. She is 4 and doesn't yet associate Christmas with presents! It would help though if every bugger we saw wouldn't ask her what she is getting for Christmas!!

    My son I had already bought him a laptop and then 10 or so other things. Like @smiffyboy I think I over compensate for my son (1st marriage) etc..
  • no, but then my daughter is 2 and scared of santa. Mind you, she's getting more stuff than I am.
  • I must be mad it's out of control.
  • My two boy are going to have the best Christmas ever. Compared to previous years they will be having twice as much coal in their stockings and an extra satsuma each . Spoilt bloody rotten they are.
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