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STATBANK - Charlton 2-0 Doncaster plus the A&E Indicator Plus a Dale Stephens Comparison

many thanks to the 77 Lifers who gave their marks.
I have to apologise as I have been let down by the Football League as they have not done any Discipline or Shooting stats for the game, the OS had discipline stats but their shooting stats seem a load of rubbish, also the OS does not have a player profile of either Ben Alnwick or Danny Green, therefore there are some gaps in the stats but I hope after the Ipswich game they will be back to normal. - OK rant over :)

stats here



  • So do those stats suggest that Stephens isn't all that much better than last year, but is just comparatively better than more of his team mates this season? Interesting as usual in any case!
  • possession only adds to 98% LL .
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