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Charlton Lido v Doncaster Leisure Pool | 26 November 2013 | Preview, Views, Line-ups and Predictions

Before the Flood

The risk with writing this preview, we at HMS Preview soon realised, was that it could be washed away by a tsunami of bad water puns but rather than struggle, King Canute style, against the tide we opted to go with flow.

The Opposition.

Donny Leisure Pool, or Rovers as they are sometimes known, have been sinking fast since this gala was originally swum on 24 August. Other than a win v high board Leicester their only victories have come v fellow shallow end paddlers Sheffied Wetsday and, last friday, Yeovil. They finished that swim with only 10 ten fish after South African Furman, scorer of the first goal, was given a second yellow carp.

The bad news is Man Utd loanee Machada is back in the school giving Rovers more snapper than the currently lack-lustre Haddocks but a win for the Lido will take us above Donny on the diving pool ladder.

One to Watch

Richie Wellens controlled the flow of the last game and unless Charlton can get someone to stop him he'll sink us again. Watch out also for the quickly taken cast-ins from the side. These "throw ins" as some call them caught out the Haddocks last time although I don't think anyone has mentioned it on Charlton Lifebelt

The Line Up

The solid run with no goals conceded has come to a deep end with five caught in the net in the last two games. Wood's appearance on the bench at QPR indicates that he is nearly but not yet quite over his fin rot. Ditto Yann the Mann. But desperate times call for desperate measures so expect to see these two back. The takeover by (edited by Lawyers) from (edited by Admin) will NOT be sorted in time for Powell to bring in any more much needed strong swimmers so the line up will most likely be:

Hamerhead Shark
Wilson Morrison Wood Wiggins
Jackson Cousins Stephens Stewart
Kermongant Church

After the Flood

Lido 1 Leisure Pool 1


  • 2-1 to charlton after going 1 nil down and swimming against the tide
  • There is a tide in the affairs of Charlton
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    and 2-1, all the voyage of our lives
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea will we be afloat,
    And we must take the current when it serves,
    Or lose our dentures.
  • A draw at best, but more likely another embarrassing defeat in front of a sparse home crowd and a handful of Donny's finest.
    God, I do hope I'm wrong.
  • Away in Florida for this. Nailed on 3-0 win. Having said that I was on hols when the last game was played so who knows!
  • yann & wood in
    pritch & dervite out
    2-0 yann & stephens, the 2nd coming in stoppage time to huge relief
  • Comfortable home win 4-0.
  • Comfortable home win 4-0.

    Lol, I hope you get one of these 4-0 right this season ;-)
  • We're gonna score 5 to continue our November ritual
  • We're gonna score 5 to continue our November ritual

    Nathan you cheeky chappie I hope you are going to cheer the boys on before you clock on :0)
  • Macheda and Paynter make it 0-2 before Yann and Jacko make it 2-2 then a 90th minute pen from Yann right in front of the covered end wins it
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  • I think we are destined to win this and send Dickov into an apoplectic rage at the sheer injustice of it all. If so, those points are likely to be very important come next May.

    If Yann is fit to start, I do hope that we go with two up front. I'd also like to see Harriott back in the side.
  • Scared , usually I'd say "take a point" but that won't be enough , still I'd "take a point"

    4-1 to someone
  • Six pointer this.

    I just hope we rise to the occasion and do the necessary.
  • Doncaster used an orthodox 4-4-2 against Yeovil on Friday, so hopefully we will do the same.

    Kermorgant/Church is the obvious choice to start up-front and Stephens/ Cousins is our best central midfield partnership. Wood/Morrison has also been our best centre back pairing this season. Wilson & Wiggins are the best full backs at the moment with Solly missing. Which leaves the wide midfield positions to select, for which there is no obvious choice on either side. They are all inconsistent and we can't rely on any of them to give us an 8 out of 10 performance. So who knows who will get the nod?

    If CP wants to keep Jacko in the team, he will have to sacrifice the second striker and start 4-4-1-1 again, as Jacko doesn't have the legs to play wide left at this level.

    Doncaster looked an average side in the Yeovil game. Wellens pulls the strings in central midfield and Duffy cutting in from left midfield is useful. Other than that, they didn't look anything like the team that turned earlier in the season for the Swimming Gala. 3-1 to Charlton.
  • Just hope no one drops a log in the pool and we all have to evacuate again
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    Hamer .. Wilson Wood Morrison Wiggins .. Harriott Cousins Stephens Stewart .. Kermorgant Pigott .. CAFC 3 v Doncaster Rovers 1

    No way will Powell pick such an attacking side, so I am going for a 0-0 or 1-1 .. in any case I hope that the referee is going to be strict with any diving that goes on, synchronised or otherwise
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    We have a vital couple of weeks coming up.

    we need 4 points at least from our next two home games to keep Comfortablely above.

    We can not lose on tuesday Night but the time had come for us to start winning more games.

    Losing this game would destroy any confidence and the fans very nervous about our championship status. Not worth thinking about.

    This game is massive in my opinion.

    2-0 Charlton.
  • Gotta get two up front and cause problems.

    Jacko cant play in a 2 but played key part in wiggins best spell for us knowing when to sit and when to go.

    I want to see yann aerial domination along with sordell of the shoulder we haven't seen him play enough with a partner that can hold the ball up.

    Wilson DD MM RW
    MS YK
  • can't see CP dropping JJ so I can only see one up front as a result. JJ can't play wide and Stephens/Cousins should be left well alone. Assuming all fit I can see :


    personally don't think Pritch offers anything except effort and I would sacrifice JJ and play :


    but hey, what do I know.

    narrow defeat, 1-2.
  • Agree with everyone that this is such an important game. If ever there was a game where a point is not really enough (save for a Champ decider etc) this is it./ We cant keep scraping draws at home. Now is the time for wins.

    Will CAFC rise to the occasion on a cold November night in front of 12,000?

    No. 1-2.
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  • Blucher said:

    I think we are destined to win this and send Dickov into an apoplectic rage at the sheer injustice of it all. If so, those points are likely to be very important come next May.

    If Yann is fit to start, I do hope that we go with two up front. I'd also like to see Harriott back in the side.

    Yes, It is the sort of thing that happens more than not in football
  • Paddy Powell puts the sprinklers on before the match flooding the pitch, and the game is called off as a result.

    Hopefully the same player who got sent off in the first match can get himself sent off in the second one as well. That would make a great trivia question!
  • Home win 1-0.

    Just 27 comments in the 'post-match views' thread but another 27 pages of bollox in the takeover thread about who was in the directors box and then 15 pages more about what some bloke in the upper north said whose uncle works with a geyser who knows someone whose sister-in-law went out with a bloke at a property company that might be the one buying Charlton because they were standing by the office water-cooler and isn't it a coincidence they were all talking about football....

  • Ooh, I don't know. It's easy to make a case for all three results. 0-0, I suppose.
  • Another game i can't get to because of my slipped disc . For that reason i can only see a win. 2-1
  • Need a win, if we get it we'll go 6 clear of the drop. I reckon we'll get it Yann with the winner
  • Won't be there as travelling down twice in five days from not so sunny Chesterfield is too expensive, but will settle for a I-0 win. COYR
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    RedChaser said:

    We're gonna score 5 to continue our November ritual

    Nathan you cheeky chappie I hope you are going to cheer the boys on before you clock on :0)
    Not in again til Saturday night so yes I shall be there. Gotta buy a bloody ticket though.
  • If there was a game to play four centre mids, it'd be this one I reckon. Wiggins and Wilson running the show down the wings with Pritch and JJ tucked in. Kerm and Church up top.

    Confident of a result. 2-1 to Charlton.
  • After the drama and farce of the original fixture (first time I have seen an opposing midfield at the Valley wielding forks or Charlton ground staff sent to B&Q to buy some brooms) this has to be a 0-0 bore in front of a very small crowd with their Japanese substitute, Tsunami missing a penalty in injury time

    Can't we get a free ticket with the original stub?
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