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Clint Dempsey - Nip it in the bud already...maybe...

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The 25-year-old forward now says he intends to leave MLS side when his contract expires and is determined to make a move to the Premiership.

"England is a great country to play in. Teams abroad are willing to pay me ten times more money and I don't want to be here," said Dempsey.

"There is no way I am staying in MLS."


  • yeah but he's only on U$ 80K A YEAR in MLS. So ten times that is 800,000 USD a year, roughly 422,000 pounds divided by 52 weeks is 8,000 per week. Hardly a fortune for a PL club is it ?

    This is the reason he felt MLS should have accepted our U$ 1.5m offer especially as he is out of contract at the end of the season.
  • Thanks Large,

    I didnt realise he was being paid so little. Just shows how little "soccer" is regarded out there when their other sportsmen are paid wages that even dwarf our top paid footballers.
  • must assume he was crap at baseball,gridiron,basketball etc etc.
  • [cite]Posted By: LargeAddick[/cite]must assume he was crap at baseball,gridiron,basketball etc etc.

    Oh no, that's our new training regime!
  • 4 months on........

    had his work permit accepted today, has signed for Fulham.

    Fulham also expect to get an answer from Smertin tonight, though his agent wants to talk to other clubs.
  • nice memory!
  • Or Mrs Smert

    Nice mammaries

    Just ask Frankie Valley
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