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A2 London bound

Stuck in traffic leading up to Dartford Heath. Anyone know the cause?


  • No but there's lots of talk on twitter and the official cafc account has been tweeting updates. Wouldn't be shocked if they delay the kick off.
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    There has been an accident at the black prince turning.
  • Did you make the game on time guys?
  • I was stationary for about 25mins then got moving again. Accident both sides i think.
  • Nah accident going East but fecking rubber neckers gawking at the dented metal slowed and even stopped the west bound carriageway!

    Bunch of sad bar stewards!!!!!
  • Really.I always assumed rubber neckers just took a cheeky peak on the way past.
    Not got out to take fekin pictures!!
  • Was not a rubbernecker. A crash Kent bound led to a wheel plus suspension sheering off and a tyre from that hit a motorcyclist heading London bound.
  • Did you make the game on time guys?

    Missed the first couple of minutes.
  • I missed my extra pint in The White Swan. Mind you, a minute earlier and we would have been right there where it happened...
  • Traffic Incidents
    A2 Bean, westbound between B255 and M25
    A2 Kent - A2 in Bean closed, delays and stationary traffic westbound between the B255 (Bean Interchange For Bluewater) junction and Darenth Interchange, because of a multi-vehicle accident. Diversion in operation - B255.
    Updated 6 minutes ago
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