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Famous Quotes



  • A car cannot be treated like a woman, it must be treated with tenderness and love - Walter Röhrl - Lengendary Rally Driver
  • “Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer”
    - Henry Lawson

  • Who shall guard the guards?
  • It is better to remain silent and be thought an idiot, than to to talk and remove all doubt - Confucius
  • Kap10 said:

    Apparently it is 25 years ago today that Barry Davies exclaimed when GB's hockey team scored against the Germans "Where were the Germans but frankly who cares!" , of course there is the iconic "They think its all over ... it is now!"

    My favourite is when Germany equalised in Euro 96 semis and Barry Davies (I think) just screamed "Kuntz!" ... not sure he meant the players name!!!

    I think the quote you're thinking of was:

    "So Bierhoff's got a short time to press his claims now that the two other strikers that started the match have been taken off. Kuntz"
  • Love is a shit explanation of pain.
  • If ignorance is bliss, then to be wise is sheer folly.
  • He who knows the answer, but does not know it, is as disadvantaged as he who did not understand the question.
  • When the bell goes there gonna be a right ding dong - Coleman
  • The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
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  • Andy Gray, when a goalkeeper let the ball trickle between his legs for a goal: "Sometimes the easiest saves are the hardest to make" Classic !!
  • When a rich man and a wise man do business together, the wise man ends up richer and the rich man ends up wiser.
  • A few Churchill ones;

    "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it"

    "If you must kill a man, it costs you nothing to be polite about it"

    "Nothing is so exhilarating in life as to be shot at with no result"

    "The further backward you can look the further forward you can see"
  • I feel sorry for people who don't drink because when they wake up in the morning, that's the best they're going to feel all day - Dean Martin
  • Bessie Braddock: Winston, you are drunk, and what’s more you are disgustingly drunk.

    Winston Churchill: Bessie, my dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.
  • Not a famous quote, but one I like never the less

    "If brute force doesn't work you're not using enough"
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    “I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”
    ― Thomas Jefferson
  • A child laughs when it feels joy and cries when it feels pain. Both things, laughing and crying it does with its whole heart. We have all become so tall and so clever. We know so much and we have read so much. But one thing we have forgot: to laugh and cry like the children do.

    Joseph Goebbels. Nazi Minister of Propaganda
  • It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.

    Henry Ford

  • 1. "The English and the Americans are divided by a common language"
    2. "The English form and orderly queue of one"
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    If you can keep your head while those around you are losing theirs,
    Then you don't understand the seriousness of the situation.
  • Some people in life just need a hi-five.
    In the face.
    With a chair.
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    'Kin get in there'

    RedChaser 16.54 19/10/2013 as the super Addicks grind out three valuable points at Ewood Park courtesy of the chicken farmers :0)
  • "Jack Straw, Alan Shearer, Barbara Castle, Alfred Wainwright, 10,000 holes we gave your boys one helluva beating today"

  • sm said:

    "Jack Straw, Alan Shearer, Barbara Castle, Alfred Wainwright, 10,000 holes we gave your boys one helluva beating today"



  • Eddie Paynter, an England cricketer, when asked by a journalist to sum up the exploits of his fellow England player, the superb Wally Hammond, thought long and hard before saying: “Wally, well yes, he liked a shag.”
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