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  • Found this quite amusing, had a dispute with a neighbour recently about their barking dog left for all hours. Inconsiderate a*seholes.
  • When I once lived in a flat where the cleaners asked for people to clean up the dog mess on the stairwell on the third floor.

    Someone then added a handwritten note to it saying it was my cat doing it.

    I had to write a note back stating that a) cats don't usually do dog poo and b) my cat is terrifed of the big wide world and wouldn't leave the confines of my flat to go three floors up to do her business.

    A friendly neighbour then added that they should leave my 'adorable'* cat alone and that she was clearly not responsible for the mess.

    A bizarre episode all round.

    *the cat was not adorable, she was a mental bitch.
  • There's an alleyway behind my flat, known as Dog S***t Alley. So to fight it I used similar posters - "Attention Chavs - you bought a dog, now deal with the responsibility!" etc.

    The dog crap mainly stopped, but I soon realised, the chief offender (who lives in the block next to mine) had kicked in a fence halfway along the alley and sent the dog into the wooded area instead. Each morning at 8am I would see the guy, a big guy, who would stare at or threaten me if I dared question him, which I regularly did.

    I told the owners of the land, the fence got fixed, and now I fear for my safety each morning, way more than I feared walking in dog crap. But I won that round.
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