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Im off to Rovinj Croatia.... whats to see ?

Right, im off to Rovij on sunday for 3 weeks 'working' at a festival. I know nothing about the place, so wonderd if anyone here has been and can reccomend a couple of things to do/see in my spare time ?


  • I wa there last year on a day trip, we were staying further up the coast. Its a lovely Venetian town. To be honest I think it mainly appeals to people more my age. But it has really atmospheric bars and is generally a romantic sort of place. If you can get hold of the Rough Guide that will have tips. Istria is getting a reputation as the new Tuscany, there are some really nice walled towns inland, especially Motovun. If you are young free and single it will be an ideal place to meet a hot young lady, ideally from one of the former Communist countries, and they will be in Rovinj, for sure. But beware, look what happened to me:-)
  • @PragueAddick Cheers for the info. Im heading over to do decor at a new festival, so will probably only have some evenings free anyway.. although if it goes the same way as glastonbury il be either bedbound or partying :). Im over for 3 weeks so am hoping to fit something in thats not about getting messy.
  • What festival is it?
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    Unknown @JT its done by the same guys that do Hideout, Parklife and the warehouse project
  • Thought it was. Couple of mates going to that, was tempted.
  • I really like Croatia .. never been to Rovinj though
  • JT said:

    Thought it was. Couple of mates going to that, was tempted.

    I think it could be the way forward, instead of staying in the UK and chancing rain (admitedly we have been lucky this summer) head over seas and spend less plus in a beautiful country.
  • I love Croatia too, like others I've not been to Rovij but the sea is beautiful. If you can hire a little boat for the day it's well worth having an explore.
  • Stayed in Rovij a few years ago - a gem of a place - you'll enjoy the bars restaurants and the Venetion architecture.
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  • sounds like Kidbrooke
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