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Train caught fire at Hither Green this morning


  • 7.50 from New Eltham I believe. Mrs MAM usually gets it, but caught the one behind today. Chucked off at Mottingham and went to Eltham.
  • I was on it.

    Must say the reports and some people's reactions have been a little dramatic.

    Those on the carriage must have been terrified, as well as those that had to climb off the train to walk up the tracks beside it. I was luckily in the 2nd carriage from the front and 1 carriage in front of the fire. It opened onto that little extra bit of Hither Green platform, so had an easy 'escape'.

    Some people still whinging on Facebook/Twitter 2 hours later about the delays to their journey etc etc. Not one bit of concern to anyone that struggled to get off the train on to the tracks or if anyone was hurt or affected by the fire/smoke?!
  • WSS said:
    Was it him that put the fire out ? :-)
  • Mrs Z was on it, thankfully some nice people helped her down from the train, 33 weeks pregnant makes getting down to the tracks a pain
  • WSS said:
    Was it him that put the fire out ? :-)
    Ha ha!
  • Kudos to the absolute chap who gave us a lift to Falconwood from Bexley when our train was cancelled
  • Absolutely traumatic, had to walk back home and cook my own breakfast!!

    Glad the missus was ok Rothko
  • Really gutted I missed the knock on effects of that this morning.

    If it makes you feel any better we were caught in the Ringmore rush hour this morning. As we drove passed the church we had to slow down for the vicar on his push bike.
  • WSS said:
    Was it him that put the fire out ? :-)
    PMSL! oh wait, that's Dan's job?
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  • Didn't this happen fairly recently as well again near Hither Green?
  • It wasn't a fire, but the train broke down at hither green and others had to reverse back to previous stations. I wasn't on that one, but was on the one behind it that was stuck at Lee.

    Apparently mine and my friends twitter conversation regarding the train yesterday was quoted in The Sun today? She was quoted in The Metro. funny.
  • was that the comment about finding excuses to stay in bed?
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