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Anyone been to this?

Was thinking of taking my 2 1/2 year old boy to it . Is it worth it ?


  • I'm supposed to be going today mate so will let you know

    I say supposed because I had to abandon my car on the way back from the game yesterday as my town is flooded and I heard a fair bit if rain in the night so not hopeful.
  • Me cousins two can't get enough of the place
  • Good fun but beware of Spin Dizzey. It did my head in!
  • I took my 2 last year 10-6 and they loved it funnily enough they asked in the week if they could go there again.
  • Took our grandsons (7 & 2) earlier in the year and we all had a great time, there was a lot more there than I expected to be honest.
  • Does look great but on further checking my two would be too small for the rides so I'll leave it a while.
  • Cracking day out for little and big kids
  • Just don't go to the one in Co Durham. Whilst I was living up there, a ride that was carrying about 20 people went through the back fence, falling 20 feet into a stream. Can't recall if there were any fatalities though.
    Never actually been there myself, but in todays nanny state, I'm suprised it's allowed. These are after all heavy machinary that could potentially cause serious damage.............
  • My kids had a great time today but wait till they are 1.1m tall before you go.
  • Been a few years but definitely a good afternoon or morning of fun for your boy @buckshee
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  • Where abouts is it ?

    And how busy was it southend (I'm not used to queues when I travel away from home :-)
  • Diggerland? A land full of Aussies?

    My guess is its in Earls Court.
  • Took my Godson there a couple of years back, he absolutely loved it. I also got to drive a JCB, not sure who was happier ;0)
  • Where abouts is it ?

    And how busy was it southend (I'm not used to queues when I travel away from home :-)

  • My cousins' son (my 2nd cousin?) has just started work as a JCB manufacturing apprentice in Staffordshire. Soon all the new boys are of to the Yorkshire Diggerland for some 'induction'. I am sure that he will thoroughly enjoy the trip and working for JCB
  • Cheers smiffy
  • Barely any queues ooh aah

    For a 5-7 year old boy (and maybe a 35 year old bloke) it ticks the boxes
  • cheers southend , i'll try and get acouple of em them down there before they go back to school
  • Its brilliant fun, decent cafe there too
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