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GCSE Results - Are You Bricking it?

My son gets his GCSE results today like many out there , I've managed to be pretty chilled about it all so far, don't worry son , you've tried your best etc, but now on the morning of finding out the results after turning on the tv and hearing grades are expecting to drop , I'm bricking it, anyone else in the same boat , parent or child?


  • My daughter just got her's................. A*, A, A, A, A, B, B, B, B, C................. Very proud of her.
  • Wow fantastic results , well done , you must be well proud of her.
  • Well done to her Al. Excellent set of results there.
  • Ahh thanks, yes so proud. She worked very hard.
  • My little brother just got his.. 7 A's, 3 B's,2 C's and a D. Very good.
  • My nephew got 9 A* and an A. The A was in Mandarin - and my sister is having it re-marked! Some people are never satisfied but then that is what is expected by some parents and more to the point some schools.

    Congratulations to all those on here who have done as best as they had hoped. And to those that haven't all is not lost.
  • To anyone who has a bad day, don't despair. I did very badly with my O levels, but. 2 years later after various resits and then As the outlook was a lot better. You can bounce back from early setbacks. - just ask Yann...
  • Chirpy Red Junior's little brother got four A's and eight B's. All very pleased and quite suprised because as far as his parents could see he never did a stroke of homework in 5 years!

    O-Levels were much harder weren't they?
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    Good luck to all those getting their's back today!!! Went through it last year so I know how you feel.

    As for A-levels, well that's a totally different ball game as I found out last week.......
  • My daughter got 1 C, 5 B's 3 A's and one 1 A*, very proud Mum!
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    Phew... my son got

    1 A Star
    6 A's
    5 B's

    Very relieved Dad.
  • Only took science as I'm only just going into Year 11 now but I got a U back in march but worked my socks off and got an A in my controlled assessments and C's in my exam as they put me in for foundation. Couldn't be happier ATM!!!! Great way to start year 11 it's given me all the confidence I thought I could have had
  • my eldest got 2 a's 2 c's rest b's well pleased for her exceeded my expectations. Proud Dad
  • Well done all
  • 4 A's, 5 B's, 1 C, BTEC (Double A*, Distinction and a Pass). Eldest daughter ranked 16th in her year. Would have been proud simply through the hard work she put in.
  • I am not a fan of the opening of envelopes being televised. You wouldn't want to broadcast somebody getting disapointing grades and those getting the top marks know what they will get and are just rubbing other's faces in it even if they don't mean to. Good luck to them but I doubt those who have done badly like to see all that left right and centre.
  • Its been very tough for teachers and pupils during this time of covid. A huge well done to all. My daughter received her results yesterday. Very proud of her and all her friends. Put in tonnes of work. Huge disruptions, enormous staff shortages and endless changing of teachers to say nothing of the 2 years of hindered social development which may impact for many years to come. May God bless all of them. 
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