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Driving Licence Query

I need to update my driving licence - it's the old paper type. Is this easy to do from outside the UK? Or would it be best to come back for a week or two and do it in the UK? I have an address I could use, which I will be returning to soon.

Many thanks.


  • Should be able to do it online. If you've got a newish passport they'll use te photo and signature from that, so you don't need a form. If its a new address, you might get away without having to pay for it
  • I seem to remember I was able to do mine easily online, as I'd got a renewed my passport a year or so before so they just used the same photo.

    You tried doing it on the website?
  • Thanks, I'll try this tonight.
  • Just returned from 3 weeks in UK. My photocard part of my licence had expired a couple of years ago and i couldn't from overseas or online. I had to go to the post office and they organised everything from there (photo, signature and application). Only took 3 days for it to be delivered.
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