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Any iPhone/iTunes specialists out there?

Basically lost my phone sat night found out about 30 mins after it was dropped/ nicked and was turned off.

However got a replacement today through insurance and uploaded it back from the cloud.

When it started downloading music/apps it popped up with normal iTunes login for me then my old man (which is fine as I have some of his music on my phone) but then an obscure email address i don't recognise.

Does anyone know:

A) If I may have previously had a virus app?

B) if this is the person who found/ nicked my phone?



  • I would imagine it's far more likely to be B than A. Try putting the email address into google or facebook and seeing what you get.
  • Chinese website which is odd....
  • Change all your passwords just in case - especially if you got credit card details on the account
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