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help needed if poss.

Have this week finally ended things with the mrs. Its been a horrible few months and hopefuly will make things better for ad jnr as he shouldnt have to see mummy and daddy shouting at each other all the time. We both want completly different things in life and as we both have just turned 30 it was a case of another 60 years of missery or make a change so we both stil have a chance of happiness. Its going to be horrible not seeing my boy day in day out but a happier mummy and daddy surely has to be a good thing? So the main point is anyone got a spare room or a flat to rent in sittingbourne town centre? Estate agents want deposit which i dont have yet will need month also looking at bout 1k in total. Any help really welcomed.


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    Can't help directly but i suggest putting a wanted ad on Not sure if viable for Sittingbourne but that site does draw in other ads from other sites too so has decent coverage i think. By putting a wanted ad up you get to state what you're looking for and deal direct with private landlords. High deposits are more avoidable this way and short lets also possible (i.e. not necessarily 6 months minimum). Maybe try Loot or Gumtree as well but more scammers on those probably.
  • Good luck with that Adam....I'm sure you are doing the right thing for a brighter future.
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    Not sure if Gravesend is too far for you mate, but my 1 Bed flat will be available once the jam rolls are evicted and there are some running repairs carried out.

    Good luck with the separation pal, hope its as hassle free as possible for you all
  • Hi adam, I know it's tough but it gets easier I went through this about 5 months ago, the arguing got too much and was upsetting the kids too much they were suffering and in fact I get on better with there mum now than when we were together and the kids seem much more settled and happier as they don't have us screaming at each other day n night. I'm lucky that that she lets me have them for long periods of time and I can pick them up whenever I want, yes I miss them both loads and it was breaking me for the first month or so but now we all seem happier and the smiles are back on there little faces which is the most important thing.
  • Sorry, can't help with the accomodation, but just want to wish Adam all the best. Top fella.
  • All he very best for the future Adam.
  • I don't know if its still there but there was an advert card on the notice board back of morrisons the other day saying double room to rent. Failing that I'll keep my ears and eyes open locally. Also don't know if it helps you but the council sometimes give deposit bonds to private landlords for people in similar situations. Also if you're on Facebook join the gossip board sittingbourne and facebay for sittingbourne because I have seen people advertising for lodgers and things on there, I am sure if you posted asking if anyone has or knows of a room/flat to let they'll be more than helpful.

    Good luck.
  • The best of luck Adam. Hopefully you're both on the same page so there won't be too much drama.
  • all the best ad hope it all works out

    Might help mate - had the same situation 6 years ago now, and the flatmate I found was already in the place so was pretty decent and easy going about everything because he was paying the whole rent until he found someone and finding anyone normal and who'd start paying rent with him was a good thing.

    Basically deposit to him when I could and no three months upfront etc, really helped, so take a look and ask maybe, you never know.

    Good luck.
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  • Any luck yet Adam?
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