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VOV No 107 August 2013 - revelations

If VOV has its fact right, the supporters should all be extremely worried about what's going on in the dark corridors of power at The Valley. It does not make very good reading. When I sent a text to a friend who had left straight after the game informing him about my concerns, once I had read these disturbing articles about the sale of the club, he, unsurprisingly thought the information in my text was a load of rubbish, referring me to Mr Slater making the position quite clear on page 11 of the programme, which was edited by whom? Matt Wright, communications, is no longer with the club, and for whatever reason, there does not seem to be any reference to his departure on the club website, or reason why he resigned, I did not buy a copy of the programme, preferred to spend £2 on VOV, so I'm unsure if there was any mention he was bode a fond farewell by the firm when leaving. Charlton may be one of many clubs facing financial hardship, especially clubs which have dropped out of the paradise of playing Premier League football, however if the supporters are kept in the dark by those who are supposed to be in care of the club about that clubs plight, then without notice we could find Charlton Athletic in the same situation as Coventry City, or Portsmouth, and it may be too late to do anything about it. Hopefully the CAS Trust are now on hand to take action, if, and I have no reason to doubt what has been written in VOV, and when these revelation's come to pass, we may find out by the 2nd September.


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