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changing my pic

edited March 2007 in Troubleshooting
To avoid any further mistakes of identity. I have changed my pic but it wont show up?.... help.


  • You've changed your account picture but not your account icon? The icon's the one that shows up next to your posts, the picture's the one that shows up if you hover over your username. (Icon added to this post for test purposes)
  • What can you see then because i have changed both but from my end both pics are exactly the same as they were?
  • Also, once you change it, press F5 to refresh the page and make sure you're not loading from cache but direct from the server.
  • When I posted the last time, your icon was still the babe in the red top, but your picture was the carlsberg can. They are now both the carlsberg can. Try doing a forced refresh of the page (holding down shift and clicking on the refresh button on your browser). If that doesn't work it might be an issue with the proxy settings on your browser.
  • Thats what i wanted it as. Its still showing up as the dorris my end.
    cheers tho.
  • How do you post a pic on here?
  • ill show you later love.
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