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Bournemouth v Charlton : FARE network too

In the 1970s I was in digs with Harry Redknapp at a hotel in Bournemouth, and I also played for Charlton at a tournament in Le Havre, France in the same side as Ben Odeje, the first black footballer to play for England at any level. In May this year Ben's story finally broke in the UK on the BBC London News programme, and Mariana Linhan FARE network's media intern broke the story across Europe on their facebook page

Today Bournemouth play Charlton in the opening game of the 2013/14 Championship season, and the FARE network newsletter informs us that they require a Campaigns Volunteer Intern to work in their London based office , and I think this appointment should be linked to Charlton's "superb history".

Good luck, and God bless everybody involved with the beautiful game 2013/14.


  • Roy - Did you play for Charlton in a tournament in Le Havre a while back? Alongside Ben Odeje, the first black footballer to play for England? I never knew!
    How much will the intern be paid?
  • @church-lane

    Did you also know that I shared digs with Harry Redknapp?

    Today I have tried to link the past to the present, with this FARE JUSTICE NOT VENGEANCE FOCUS thread which also advertises a contemporary post in football that could lead to full time employment for a young supporter of Charlton. I was lucky with my first full time job as a junior surveyor for BR back in the 1974 as at that time people were valued and paid wages.
  • Groundhog Day
  • Roy, have you ever heard of Ben Odeje ?
  • Roy. Your not doing yourself or your cause any good by constantly repeating yourself.
  • RoyRoy
    edited August 2013

    Thank you for your kind concern, I really do appreciate it, but there is much, much more to this Charlton International thread than just my familiarity with the Ben Odeje focus.

    I deliberately repeated the information relating to the Ben Odeje breakthrough to coincide with the start of the new 2013/14 season, and then you will see that I also deliberately added details about the contemporary FARE network newsletter so that we have a continuous unbroken FOOTBALL AGAINST RACISM IN EUROPE development link across 42 years from 1971-2013.

    I also mentioned Harry Redknapp to raise the profile of this thread, and its content, because Harry has achieved so much in the game since he showed a kind interest in a young 15/16 year trialist from Deptford i.e me, who Harry was sharing a hotel with in Bournemouth, after signing for John Bond, whose son Kevin was also on the scene at that time.

    Before yesterday's game between Bournemouth and Charlton I sent an email titled Bournemouth v Charlton : FARE network too to Pamela Lubowa and the FARE Network Campaigns Team i.e NB Please check this out ROY HOBSON CInstCES1990, Grad Dipl QS 1981

    As well as my football related life experiences, I also worked as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in a professional office for many years, and all the people, all the projects, and all the drawings that I have worked on over the years, make me the person that I am today.

    PS I listened to the Bournemouth v Charlton game yesterday live on BBC Radio London 94.9, and I totally agree with Chris Powell's comments after the game, and I hope he gets some money to add players to the squad.
  • Wow Roy. They must have a Sainsbury's in heaven then, as that's where he just called from? Can someone delete that RIP crap please. And maybe the whole thread!

  • RoyRoy
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    Thanks for the update Mark you can leave Andrew Kurowski's number anytime, I would love to speak to him again about my experiences since Blackheath District days INSIDE n OUT. Andrew and Don Payne did a great job getting Ben reinstated in the England team after he was scapegoated following a poor team performance against Northern Ireland, I've still got the related press cuttings if Andrew is interested.
  • am I missing something here

    WTF is all this about
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  • What's the link with yesterday's game Roy ?
  • Would love to stop and read this but I've got a BNP meeting to go to at some old football club I've never heard of.
  • Have the police sorted out the venue ?
  • Well the obvious link with yesterday's game was that it involved Bournemouth v Charlton, and I've added some historic facts, and contemporary FARE information that relates to both clubs.

    @DaveMehmet you stopped long enough to leave a real troll's comment.
  • I'm not on a wind up @Roy - is the link that you stayed in the same hotel as Harry Redknapp once ? I read through the FARE stuff and there doesn't seem to be anything about yesterdays game so I'm not sure if I'm missing something.
  • I still didn't understand the first thread, I don't understand this thread and I don't understand anything other than what DM has said
  • RoyRoy
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    @se9addick I played for Bournemouth as well as Charlton at youth level. John Bond offered me apprentice pro terms which I turned down to stay at Addey & Stanhope Grammar School. Charlton also made me the offer of another tour place on a trip to Holland at around the same time, after my sound performance against Southampton's England youth international Terry Spinner in Le Havre. I had to turn that offer down to take my O levels in 1972. Harry Redknapp was staying in the same hotel while I was with Bournemouth, and Kevin Bond was among the same group of trialists. AT MY REQUEST Mariana Linhan FARE network's media intern broke Ben Odeje's story across Europe on their facebook page on May 28th 2013, and their latest newsletter includes an advert for a Campaigns Volunteer Intern to work in their London based office , and as I said I think this appointment should be linked to Charlton's "superb history" which is why I bought it to Charlton Life's attention and why FARE have been directly linked to this thread too.

  • Roy said:

    which is why I bought it to Charlton Life's attention and why FARE have been directly lin

    Maybe one of them could come on here and explain it a bit more concisely.
  • Is this the secret footballer?
  • @Huskaris I'm not the secret footballer. I'm a genuine 'A Deo et Rege' Thames Gateway, City Challenge consultant, artist, and football lover too. Here is an anti-Fascist poem of mine that was published in the WRITE NEXT DOOR ANTHOLOGY in 2007 by Spread the Word - Literature Development for London in conjunction with Bexley Libraries :

    From 666 to 999.
    From Alpha to Omega the end of time.
    From what was yours to what is mine.
    An Evening Star did shine.

    When clouded orbits declined within.
    Dragged down to Earth by original sin.
    When God's witness was D.S Quinn.
    An Evening Star did shine.

    If truths suppressed could take to wing.
    To Maria Assumpta like birds they'd sing.
    No longer numbed by vespine sting.
    An Evening Star still shines.

    PS Good luck to Chris Powell, and his Charlton team tonight in their Capital One Cup game against Oxford at the Valley. This makes for interesting reading :-)
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