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Belated thanks from ol' March51.

Hello CL, it's actually Mrs.M here to pass on Terry's thanks for your thoughts and good wishes following his latest stroke. We've waited in the hope that his eyesight would recover quickly, but unfortunately it's taking its time in sorting itself out. So a big thank you for all your posts, they really do help and hopefully he'll back waffling away and exchanging engine numbers with you all before too long.

All the best, Pam


  • Sorry to hear that Pam (first I've heard of the situation) .. I'm a stroke 'survivor' .. recovery takes time, patience and loving care. The after care from the NHS is superb as I'm sure you have discovered.
    My eyesight was affected for a while, it's OK now. Terry WILL get better. Personally (and I'm sure that I speak for ALL CL'ers) I wish him all the very, very best
  • Hope you're keeping well, Pam. It can be a stressful time for partners
  • Please pass on our regards Pam, and best wishes to you too.
  • Best wishes to you Pam. Apart from Terry's expertise in engines, he has a lot of friends on here all wishing him and your family the best.
  • Best wishes Terry and Pam
  • Best wishes to you both Pam.

  • Come on March, let's see if you can get fit before the players.
    We're all behind you.
    Best wishes to Terry, Pam & all family & friends.
  • Best wishes to you all and hope for a full recovery for March51
  • Best wishes to you both.
  • all the best for the future to you both, good luck to ya!
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  • Kindest regards and wishing you an early and full recovery in time for our promotion season !
  • I am sure he will recover with the love and help of his family...AND he will miss the rumours thread for this close season, result!
  • Thanks for the update Pam
    Get well soon Terry
  • Get well soon.
  • Best wishes Terry and Mrs March.
  • Thanks for letting us know, Pam.

    Get well soon, Terry - you don't want to miss Oxford at home!
  • Just caught up with this one.

    Good luck Terry, take it easy and here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

    Keep up the good work Pam!
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Roland Out!