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Very funny Spurs song about West Ham

To the tune of I will survive.......

At first i was afraid, i was petrified
Seeing Carlos Tevez face to face, i almost died
His face looks like a wreck
And he's got no ****ing neck
& although he scored against us, he was on the losing side...

Cos we came back
From 2-0 down
We turned the cheers from the inbreds right back into frowns They thought that they had won, they were laughing in their seats But up popped Paul Stalteri & revenge was ****ing sweet

Cos we came back
Oh yes we did
It's moments like these that make you proud to be a yid
They may have beaten us last year
& we may have shed a tear
But they'll soon be playing Barnsley, QPR & Hull, oh dear....

Cos they are *****
They're ****ing *****
They lack passion, they lack spirit and they're really lacking fight & they owe eachother money & they're no longer mates They pretend their nan is ill and then **** off to the States

Sorry to shout
But what the **** is Marlon Harewood all about?
& yossi Benayoun, will have a good game soon
& when he does, make the most of it, cos he's ****ing off in June

& Then there's Chav!
Bowyer you chav!
Have you ever dreamt of twatting him, i know i ****in have
You just know he's wearing burberry when he's out on the ****
And he wears 3 gold medallions whilst marrying his sis...

& Etherington
Our old pal Matty
Running oh so fast with your side parting, looking slightly batty
When you joined the Hammers, you said they were a bigger club
Well enjoy your time in the championship you ****ing ******* mug....

West Ham are dead
They're in the red
The only one to come out with any credit is our Ted
& Maybe Dean Ashton cos he's been a ****ing flid
How will the Spammers feel next year when he becomes a ***

You wonder why?
You lot get mocked
When Curbishley spends millions on wasters that are crocked
You have Upson & Neill, who basically signed a 3 month deal
Cos he'll soon **** you lot right off, oh yes he ****ing will...

And then there's Nige
The 'Wonder' Quashie
Is it really any 'wonder' that you're going down the kazi
he's been relegated before, with 4 different teams
He epitomises West Ham and all their shattered dreams....

And now that's it
I'm nearly done
I'm gonna bash one now thinking about the game we won
But one more thing about the fans who think they're ****ing great You ain't, you've only got one song & you look a ****ing state
You bunch of No ****ing class
You can stick those ****ing bubbles right up your ****ing arse
You've got 'love' tattood on one hand, and 'hate' on the other
& you're slightly mong with 7 fingers cos you're sister is your mother
So i bid farewell Take ****ing care
& remember Tevez & Ashton, we'll give you a fiver for the pair
You thought you were a big club, but it turns out you're not
Now we'll never play you again and i hope you ****ing rot.


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