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Just got this whilst browsing Charlton Life:

Just me ?


  • I think so mate. Have a look through this category for advice on malware.
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  • mate, posting these dodgy links is not advisable. I'd download mailwarebytes or something similar and perform a scan of your pc.
  • Mpg, as Lookout inboxes yesterday, it looks like you have something specific to your pc and need to run some malwhere . What anti virus stuff are you running ?

    .And as glovepup says, please don't keep posting links on here
  • Apologies: Saw the "charltonlife" in the titles and thought it was to do with the site.

    Got "Malwherebytes anti-mailware" & "Microsoft Security Essentials" (It says).
    Anything else recommended ?

    (Sorry again).
  • AVG ?
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