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Jose Mourinho - Like Or Loathe? (Pg 13, sacked Man U)

Strongly rumoured to be coming back to the Premiership to 'where he is loved' is he a legend of the modern era , who has won titles where ever he has gone , in numerous countries & top leagues , & would he add a bit of colour to an otherwise sterile Premier League , or is he a big headed self important donut who can only hack it at one club for 3 years until he's found out, what do you think?


  • Like him, but the gloss is wearing off, his real glory days are behind him I suspect
  • He's certainly entertaining

  • Good manager, his record proves this. But he also has the ability to irritate some people.
  • neither.

    quite liked him at first but all the media attention is getting on my nerves. I'm kind of a bit bored of him now.
  • Like him, but as with anything that comes with the top clubs - I can't stand the constant bleating by the press about the slightest little thing.

    If he does come back, I can imagine them talking in depth about what color suit he is wearing, who he had breakfast with after training, fucking everything.
  • Love

    Only beaten my CP and Becks in the man love stakes.

    Want him back in English football pronto.
  • Always liked him. With the rumours about Wenger though, I do wonder if the speculation on his future might b a few miles off target?
  • Mourinho Vs Di Canio should be great to watch
  • I really like him - actually think he's a nice bloke and very funny - a lot of the attention seeking stuff is to deflect presure away from the team, too.
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  • Love him. The sooner he is back in the PL the better.

    Yes, I do realise that if he comes back to the PL it will 99.9% be at Chelsea and would severely undermine Tottenham ever being close to qualifying for the CL ever again but the PL is a poorer place without him.

    Can see him really getting the best out of Mata, Hazard & co, unlike the fat Spanish waiter.
  • Love him.

    The game needs characters like him.

  • He is a living legend - love him.
  • When he left, I was glad he left. Now it'd be good to have him back, just preferably not at Chelsea...
  • He knows how to play the media, who in turn lap it up.
  • A class act.
  • Love

    Only beaten my CP and Becks in the man love stakes.

    Want him back in English football pronto.


    The man is an absolute star.
  • hes an absolute legend. Any club in the world would kill to have him as their manager.
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  • If I have to hear him referred to as THE SPECIAL ONE by journos one more time I think I am going to hurl.Good Manager,but he is not the second coming of Christ.
  • For me the modern Brian Clough looks for the buttons and presses them brilliantly. Whatever you think his record speaks for itself so I like and admire him mind you he does love himself.
  • Said this before but i'll say it again:

    Got huge respect for Jose.

    My Nan sent him a England v Portugal programme from 1974 (I think) because she didn't know what to do with it, so she sent it to him while he was manager of Chelsea hoping that it would help bring back 'memories' for him.

    He sent a reply back a few days later, saying how thoughtful it was and how he remembered the game/era well. He also signed the programme with his best wishes. Top man.
  • If Our new Kuwaiti owners have him lined up to replace SCP, what would you think of that?
  • I like him . He's good for English football .
  • Verging on the loathe, mainly because my brother is a Chelsea season ticket holder!
  • Think he's great, sort of interesting character I like to see around the prem. Same reason I want Sunderland to stay up, wanna see more PDC
  • Pretentious ar*ehole. Nobody could love him more than he loves himself.
  • He's easier on the eye than watching ol purple nose being interviewed.

  • Love him, sooner he is back in the English game the better as long as it's not at Manchester United
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