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Pritchard's goal vs Boro

Didn't bother uploading our second, seeing as it was an OG, but here's Pritchard's goal if anyone wishes to see it:

I really hope that Pritch will start banging them in more regularly next season, we'll have some player if he can.


  • Good finish.
  • Good hit and intelligently done. Drives me mad in that situation how many players go low and have it hacked off the line. Far less chance someone leaping like a salmon or doing a kung fu kick to get it off the line if it's chest height and above than a speculative leg swing hacking it clear.
  • He's getting the hang of this goal scoring lark. Next season he could well prove to be absolutely pivotal to our success.
  • Pleased to see him scoring again, he gets into great positions in the box let's hope he carry on finishing like that.
  • Love it
  • I'm impressed. I love Pritchard, and I often hear moronic comments about him at the Valley. But that goal was well taken. When I heard he'd scored again I just imagined it being a very scrappy tap-in from about a yard out or so.. that was absolutely top notch though.

    I remember him missing an absolute sitter against Ipswich(?) at home that was in similar circumstances. However, he's showing that he does have goals in him at the moment - and I can only imagine that that's doing his confidence wonders!

    Good man, one of my favourite players at the moment.
  • 3 goals and 10 assists is that now in the league?

    Not bad for a player who is a tidy central midfielder and square peg in a round whole at wide right in his first season at this level, having been playing 3 divisions lower only 3 seasons ago!

    Great season from Pritch.
  • Needs to spend a lot of pre season working hard at things that let him down his first touch and shooting if he can get 15-20% better at those two aspects of his game then I think we have a gem right now he is a Keith jones not a kinsella which he could be if he improves
  • Love Pritch
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  • One of the main things missing from his game,but has been getting in goal scoring positions many times this season . hopefully more to come deserves some for his 100 percent effort.
  • Surprised no one's mentioned the great play from Fuller. Hopefully that'll be it with Pritchard and his mini-curse, and he can look at least half a dozen goals next season.
  • RedPanda said:

    Surprised no one's mentioned the great play from Fuller. Hopefully that'll be it with Pritchard and his mini-curse, and he can look at least half a dozen goals next season.

    I think we are almost taking great play like that from fuller for granted.
  • CP mentioned at the ashford fans meet that he is quite prolific in training. It's a factor they've been working on with him
  • Under-rated by a lot of fans but works so hard and now he has found his range,and has scope for more improvement,should develop into an excellent player.Well done CP,a great signing.
  • He's turned into a very good Championship player, it would be nice if he can put a bit of muscle on over the summer, his only downside is that he gets pushed off the ball too easily.
  • really suprised how well he has done this season a very underated player.really hope we keep fuller has been a real handful in last couple of weeks.
  • His heading has also come a lot since Xmas. He really gets off the ground is winning balls against much taller opponents. His goal record was good at Yeading which suggested he knew when to arrive in the box and he'll get a few more next season.
  • Proper Charlton legend.
  • He's the best
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