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Threads you'll never see on here

Talk about anything you want - AFKA

The Guardians much maligned, wrongly - goonerhater

Charlton - employers of the year - Airman Brown

More more more!



  • How to sacrifice everything to hold down a job by Nathan Prior

  • 'The Alan Pardew Appreciation Thread'
  • The evening standard did a write up about charlton after they realised charlton are in London thread
  • 100% support for the board.
  • Let's all dress in pink for the playoff final.
  • Congratulations palace................
  • The Jimenez Q&A
  • The Daily Mail is an aid to democracy - too many to name
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    Michael Appleton rejects job offer at __________.
  • Imagine if something nice happened.
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  • Angela Merkel - would ya?
  • Tonights guests at the supporters club meeting are Jermain Defoe and Scott Parker
  • I don't think i'll bother going to that away game - Seb
  • Kerkar - player of the year?
  • Michael Appleton rejects job offer at __________.

    Class :)

  • As some people are working their arses into the ground trying to support their family, pay their bills and after that have less to spend a month than what I do despite them working solid for 20+ years, I'm gonna hold back on my gambling and away day posts out of sensitivity - Nathan Prior
  • In hindsight, bit of a wordy title
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    I'm getting very angry and uptight regarding the sarcastic comments I get from some lifers...maybe_baby.
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    Threads you always see on here.
  • I was wrong, sorry about that - [insert name of your own favourite, snidey, know all poster here]
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  • Help me choose between a Range Rover Sport and a Lexus please?
    - Rothko or ano of the cycle warriors!
  • Why we should be more closely integrated with Europe - Len Glover
    Life After Knitwear - Henry Irving
    How Capitalism Can Solve All Our Problems - Anna_Kissed
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    'We don't sing the Addams Family song enough, you know'.
  • The tall mans guide to everything - AFKA
  • Kerkar - player of the year?

    But I witnessed Henry Irving vote for him for poty outside the ground last week !

    Some crackers on here tho chaps.
  • Who's up for tomorrows meet with Millwall? - ME14Addick
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    Sod the Vodka - I'm going tee total - AUN
    I'm standing to cheer Charlton on the road as I expect them win every away game from now on - Len Glover
    Our away support is the best given all other circumstances and I shall only comment on those games I have attended - Oooha
  • Now Len is joining the rabble I'm resigning as his fan club Secretary - ME14
  • 10 Reasons why Charlton are the Sheffield Wednesday of Kent...operation pig

    10 Things to do in Grimsby before Saturday's game...LincsAddick

    Matt le Tissier at Guernsey FC could do a job for us in the hole...JAckworth

    The Cup Final: anyone got two spares or want to swap two front row seats?

    Is it true the Venkys thought we were Arsenal when they bought us?

    Arsene Wenger bids £1m for Lawrie Wilson. He still doesn't get it.

  • I'll keep this short...

    Grapevine 49
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