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Rouamba Work Permit Rejected as Charlton "Too small a Club"

Exclusive by Richard Crawley

Charlton have missed out on the signing of Burkina Faso international Florent Rouamba after the Football Association's Work Permit committee rejected the signing on the grounds of Addicks being a "small club".

In a decision that has left Charlton manager Chris Powell fuming the FA have given the official reason as "incompatibility of the parties".

Sources within the Club, however, say that the FA said, when pushed to explain the decision, that "If it has been a big Club like Chelsea or Norwich it would have been fine but you're too small a Club to sign this sort of talent."

The FA official is then meant to have said that "You should stick to loans from premiership clubs. That helps them develop their young players which helps the Premier League and that is good for football".

Tony Jimenez was unavailable for comment

Full story in Friday's Kentish Times


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