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Things you do at work that might annoy your colleagues

I play country music just loud enough for them to know it's being played but not loud enough that they can make out the words or tunes.
And then I might hum or sing along out of tune and out of time.
But very softly because I don't want to disturb them.


  • I could be here all night telling you what I do to annoy everyone at work.

    A few ranging from swapping the batteries from there mouse when my batteries die to turning there desktop screen upside down.

    Changing the name on my phone to poor mustafa round the corner and then prank calling someone else in the office, only for them to go and ask what mustafa is playing at.
  • My Nigel workmate was very annoying, so as payback I enjoyed putting a Charlton badge in the back of his car and watching him drive off.
  • I like to take a look at what someone's doing and then tell them to go ahead and do that thing.

    Someone might be chopping onions and I'll say in a very condescending way "lets chop those onions please, yeah?".

    Came from an old sous chef of mine who used to do that all the time without a sense of irony. Possibly the most annoying and frustrating thing ever.
  • Wear my mankini.
  • The clicking of a pen for hours on end ...
  • I play miss polly had a dolly on my iPhone and leave it hidden somewhere
    In the office , play it just once and the tune sticks in the head
  • Being the best worker!
  • Being the best worker!

    This and shouting 'stats are up' as soon as they're up because you know you'll be top. And saying well done to the guy in 2nd who don't give a shit.
  • Suggested we buy AbnAmro predominantly with cash and purchased large package of sub prime mortgage portfolios.
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