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Online Proxy Server

so, i've just moved to germany and i was wondering if any of you fantastic people know of any free proxy servers/cheap ones where i can watch youtube/iplayer? You can't watch any videos that have music in them on youtube here, it is quite ridiculous. Also, does anyone know of a streaming site to watch the england game on tuesday? I will go to the local bar to watch football tomorrow, but i am quite sure that the england montenegro game will not take precedence...

Any help will be most appreciated!


  • use Film On for live TV and witopia as a proxy for iplayer etc
  • for streaming

    google for the rest
  • this is fantastic! thanks very much
  • I find that the free VPN's tend to be slower and frustrates with lots of buffering. Currently with Strong VPN when in Spain which I find is plenty fast enough.
  • Astrill isn't exactly cheap but it's a pretty awesome VPN. It allows you to select which country to route through, so you can select UK to use iplayer, USA fo hulu, etc.

    Friends over here who use other VPNs are always moaning they don't work/go really slow, but those of us with astrill never have any real problems, although I assume China control these things a lot more than Germany.
  • I use to access all of our stuff. Same as above, you can choose the country to route through. Its about £5 a month.
  • Another witopia user here. 50 euros per year.
  • My girlfriend has just downloaded an add on for google explorer that hides or uses proxies in the country you desire to stream from. I believe it's free, and when I was in Paris last week we were able to watch BBC iplayer no problems and not have to watch the dreadful French tele. Will try and get hold of the name for you.
  • try foxyproxy on google chrome..

    works great in canada.
  • Anyone else always read this as "p0xy"?!
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  • Sorry meant to get back quicker when I found out the name of the add on. It's media hint, assume it's similar to foxyproxy.
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    Does anyone have the latest on a good proxy from Italy? Much obliged. If anyone can 'lend' me one even better, only need it for a day.
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