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10 and a 1/2 things you never knew about Montenegro

1. The average IQ in Montenegro is 115, higher than anywhere else in Europe.

2. Montenegro means Black Mountain. In America, newspapers' automated editing often leads to the non-PC word Negro being replaced. The leads to strange football results such as recently seen in the Baltimore Sun where Poland played Monte African-American

3. Duelling is still legal in Montenegro but only under strict supervision which means there have only been four deaths since independence.

4. OK is a huge insult in Montenegro and often leads to misunderstandings especially with Americans. Colin Powell, the General not the winger turned groundsman, had to apologise to the Montenegrin president's wife on live TV after an incident in 1999.


  • 5. Famous Montenegrans include John Wayne, Albert Einstien and Sasa Ilic's mum.
  • Montegro's biggest export is Mountain Air.

    It has long been thought that the reason the average lifespan is so high (a Europe leading 79yrs - male, 82 yrs female) is due to the unusually pure air that rolls down from the mountains, and since 1993 exports of canned Mountain Air contribute to 23% of the countrys GDP
  • Luis suarez has admitted to using the the word montenegro when talking to patrice evra

    Evra has since raised this as a second complaint
  • The President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, is addicted to Cheesy Wotsits. In 2009, Vujanović imported so many into the country that the taxpaying public began to turn against him and blamed his Cheesy fetish for the nations crippling debt.
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    9. Ford originally intended to call their latest hybrid after Montenegro. Made from old Mondeos and Austin Alegro's The Ford Montinegro never caught on. So instead Ford made the Ford pubic made of old Corsairs. The president of Montenegro has one of the few still left on the road today.
  • To avoid unwelcome building laws a major construction firm run by the president's son successfully lobbied the government to abolish the right angle. This law is still in force today. This makes maths lessons quite tricky.
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    The Montenegran national anthem is sung to exactly same tune as the 1980's advert " do the shake and vac" . It's not clear who used the tune first .
  • Montenegro was originally named T Moon Green after the Japanese explorer that discovered the country. However, after the Japanese civil war things changed and some bloke in parliament went into a room with a pen & paper and re-arranged the letters of the explorer's name to come up with a new name.
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    13. During the second world war Montenegro was occupied by Mussolini's Italy. during this time to keep the people on side Mussolini released a breakfast cereal called 'Mussolini's Montenegro’s'. Which became very popular. After the war the cereal changed its name to 'Montenegro glory flakes'.
    A rock band in the 90's from America took up the name 'Mussolini's Montenegro's'. They had minor success before breaking up in 2004.
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    Montenegro biggest rivals are Slovenia. Slovenian fans taunt the landlocked Montenegrains with the chant "let's all go to the beech".

    Montenegro fans respond with "you only sing when you're picking olives"
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  • Former radio presenter Bruno Brookes presented his first ever UK top 40 chart countdown show live from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro.
  • The Spanish phrase 'monte negro' is the equivalent of the English 'black sheep'. When the former country of Yugoslavia was dissolved none of the new states wanted the vast areas of land that now form Montenegro as they couldn't grow any crops. A senator who was half Macedonian and half Spanish, hence the use of the Spanish phrase, came up with the idea of the barren lands being populated with the undesirables from the other new states, including ex-convicts, the mentally subnormal and ballet dancers. Onde the experiment had been completed and the new nation created the senator disappeared and has not been seen since.
  • Monte n egro are the two most famous people in montenegro and as a result when the country had a vote on its new name they were tied at 500k votes each so their names were joined in harmony to create Montenegro
  • The national colour of Montenegro is ecru. Incidentally the word ecru in the mountain dialect used in the country translates literally as 'dwarf fondler'
  • Many people believe that the electronic synthesiser was invented by Robert Moog. This in fact is a myth as the instrument was developed in the Former Yugoslavia by a regional co-operative called the Montenegro Oscillating Organ Group, or MOOG for short. In Estuary English 'a Robert' has become a slang term for a penis as so many men enjoy playing with their oscillating organ.
  • The Montenegro Life forum is administered by ASS, CoCkOuT and AFKAVucinic.

    The forum is noted for its tank spotting anoraks, healthy debate on Montenegro's away support and unprecedented moaning when their local rivals pull their pants down and make them walk the long way home.
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    The modern day country of Montenegro takes its name from it's highest hill Mont Enegro, this literally means Mountain of Energy because the hill is a giant volcano some six times larger than Krakatoa.

    In 1997, the country's first ever entry into the Eurovision Song Contest was made by a group calling themselves Mont Enegro after the hill. The group featured a pair of unusually fat men (some reported them to be twins) dressed in lederhosen. The corpulent couple spent the whole of the song time bending over with lighted torches sending plumes of scorching flatulence into the air to to the rhythmic throb of a Moog synthesiser. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they scored nul points.
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    kigelia said:

    The national colour of Montenegro is ecru. Incidentally the word ecru in the mountain dialect used in the country translates literally as 'dwarf fondler'

    An anagram of Montenegro is Gnome Tenor. In Podgorica, you hear a small group of gnome tenors for about £30 - three tenners.

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