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Can you name all the clubs in the Football league..


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    I tried the Prem in 2 mins the other day, always a good one once a year. Got stuck on 16. As for the whole league for someone of my age too many silly clubs in there that wouldn't have stood a chance when I was a young anorak with my Shoot magazine tables and tabs.

    I mean, get real! Fleetwood, Dagenham & Redbridge, Rushden & Diamonds etc.....
  • had a mental block at 63 teams.
  • 64. League Two killed me, only missed Huddersfield in ours.
  • 59 - god knows how I forgot Leeds and Brighton.
  • 52/ 72 all of the championship , most of league 1 and mind went blank when I got onto L2.
    Most obscure one that I got was apparantly AFC Wimbledon.
  • Got 56 out of 72...
  • poor show by me only 45.

    doesn't help i can't spell. took me ages to spell leicester.
  • 61. So frustrating when you see the answers you missed. Mind you, I hadn't really realised that Fleetwood were in the football league now.
  • an very embarrassing 24
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    Terrible, only got 49.

    I forgot Carlisle and i lived 15 minutes from there for 6 years.
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  • 56, only missed Colchester off the Champ and L1 teams, tried to do it in a logical order sort of thing so ran out of time!
  • Spelling is far worse with some of the 'name player' type quizzes, e.g. trying to spell the full names of Solskaer, Van Nistelrooy, Hasselbaink etc
  • 68 out of 72, missed Accrington, Carlisle, Preston and Oldham. Too many teams in the NW.
  • 48 - lost it with 2 mins to go
  • Carrying on with this, how many of the clubs grounds have you visited ? Only count the club once even if you have been to old and new grounds...
    mine is 31
  • 65. Like a dickhead I was sat there for a bit trying to think of one more Championship club beginning with 'C'. Charlton, obviously.
  • 57 - struggled
  • 57. Forgot Gillingham. Where I work (the town not the club!).
  • Not enough time
  • 62 - not bad but no way I would have got them all even if I had 8 hours!
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    Tried to do the Championship 24 in 4 minutes on my phone. Missed out Bristol City. :-(
  • There were loads of other pointless quizzes on that site, wasted f**** hours. Was trying to name football clubs in my sleep last night, for some reason kept on forgetting MK Dons.
  • 59, got all the Championship and most of League One, league two though :-(
  • Can do the lot. Has been my party piece for many years. Work round the country starting with Torquay and finishing with Carlisle. However, stuck on 91 last week and was missing Fleetwood.
  • What kind of party do you go to masicat?
  • What kind of party do you go to masicat?

    Yep, you have a point.
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    What kind of party do you go to masicat?

    An awesome one, it would seem. ;-)
  • masicat said:

    What kind of party do you go to masicat?

    Yep, you have a point.
    I only ask because I'd like an invite.
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