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5 Live

I know its sad,but I like to watch 5live webcam from their studio sometimes. Until recently it has been fine to watch, but all of a sudden the webcam freezes after about two seconds, and the audio carries on.My Computer is a MAC with Safari OSX.I have tried installing flash player,and other plug ins all to no avail, perhaps at some time I have altered the settings. Thanks if any one can help.


  • Does the 5live website play okay from an alternative web browser like Firefox or Chrome?
    In my experience, all web browsers seem to develop occasional problems with video playback (possibly server based), but they always seem to get corrected over time - sometimes over a few hours, sometimes over a few days. That's been my experience anyway.

    If not, have you downloaded and installed all current software updates for your mac? Turned it off and on again?

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