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Parking for Palarse

I know it's dreadful but anyone know any good areas to park. Don't mind paying if necessary. Did have somewhere a few years back but canr remember where it was


  • used to park in residential roads off whitehorse lane many years ago, probably residential parking scheme in operation now though!
  • When we played at Selhurst years ago, used to park in the British Legion near Norwood Junction station, £1 if not a member of the Legion, cheap beer and very friendly club. They were sorry to see us go! Might be worth a check.
  • I've always parked in the side roads off South Norwood Hill. If coming from Addiscombe/Bromley way then once you cross the lights at Norwood Junction then pass the petrol garage on the left and then there are numorous roads on either side.
  • Roads around Whitehorse Lane generally not residential parking but do fill up, so I would advise parking up by about 1ish. Word of caution though, both main roads by the ground, Whitehorse Lane and Selhurst Road, have roadworks South of the ground so stay Crystal Palace/Norwood Junction side. As per Golf's advice, South Norwood Hill not a bad shout.

    Immediately around Norwood Junction is residential parking and the traffic can be chronic after the game, whereas parking off SNH should help with a decent getaway. Roads like Howden Rd, Cypress Rd, Woodvale Ave, Warminster Rd (Ave?) and Lancaster Ave are free and less than 10 mins walk, but do have a quite a few houses with off-street parking so can be a challenge finding somewhere without blocking off.
  • We're Charlton Athletic , we park where we want
  • Oooh, thanks for that, Jensen. Might give it a try.
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