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Police in Berkshire are appealing for witnesses to a robbery which took place in Reading last night where three points were stolen from a group of young men from West London.
The group, including a Spaniard and a Russian were enjoying a relaxing night out when a group of locals picked a fight with them. The incident occurred about 9.45p.m.
A spokesman for the West London group who refused to be named said ‘We came out for a nice relaxing evening and were just thinking about the journey home when these guys decided to pick a fight with us. They showed us no respect what so ever’. Fat Frank went on the say ‘I doubt if I will come back here next year, but you never know’.
The men believed to be locals were disguised in Blue and White hooped shirts and were understood to be incensed by the Londoner’s arrogance.
The Spaniard in the group, Mr A Benitez said ‘Not only did they rob of us two points, but they also took away the smirk on our faces’. He went on to say’ My friend, Roman, said that this type of thing would not be allowed to happen in his country’.
Police have set up an incident room in nearby Letzby Avenue and are appealing for some of the 20,000 witnesses, believed to be locals, seen running away laughing to assist with their enquiries.
Call 0800-crass-arrogance


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