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Netbook help please

My daughter has a netbook with windows 7 she stupidly messed about with the password settings and changed password she said she was messing about and it was some random keys but now we can't get onto it at all. Does anybody know what to do to disable/ cancel the password do she can use netbook again?


  • Because its just a little netbook it has no disc drive
  • If you reinstall windows, you can reset the password. Failing that, you can create a bootable usb drive with Linux that will give you a working netbook with access to all the files etc -it will just be a different operating system. I'll dig out a link to instructions if you there's no better suggestions and you think you might want to try it
  • if you have system restore turned on (which it should be as long as it wasn't turned off) then you can do a restore from command prompt. Press F8 when booting up and then choose safemode with command prompt
    Then type in %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstui.exe
    this will open up a menu. all you have to do is choose a restore point that is dated before the password was put on. Then let it do its thing and hey presto the netbook has travelled back in time.
  • Thank you will try that stebo let you know
  • Tried to do safe mode with command prompt and it opens blank screen loads of files listed quite fast but carries on for a while then goes to windows anyway and asks for password again :(
  • This may help mate the bottom bit altf10 bit Computer & Education
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    I locked my netbook an forgot my password what can i do to

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    I locked my netbook an forgot my password XXXXX can i do to unlock it
    Submitted: 1153 days and 23 hours ago.
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    Computer OS: Windows XP
    Browser: Firefox

    Already Tried:
    to remember the password

    Posted by online_help33 1153 days and 23 hours ago.
    Response From Expert
    what is the make and model of your netbook?

    1153 days and 23 hours ago.
    Customer Reply
    acer aspire one series

    Posted by online_help33 1153 days and 23 hours ago.
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    are you able to log into any other accounts or is this the only account on the netbook

    1153 days and 23 hours ago.
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    Posted by online_help33 1153 days and 23 hours ago.
    Expert's Answer
    Press F8 on boot and select the Safe mode, this will enable the Administrator account on the logon screen, of course for safe mode.

    Turn the pc off and turn it back on and continuously hit the f8 key until you get to the advanced boot options menu and select safe mode

    Select administrator it may or may not be password XXXXX let me know if you can log in

    Once logged in go to start
    Select Control Panel
    Go to User accounts
    Select your user account and click remove password.

    Let me know if this helps

    1153 days and 22 hours ago.
    Customer Reply
    it is still stuck on the pw page

    Posted by online_help33 1153 days and 22 hours ago.
    Expert's Answer
    the password XXXXX XXXXX just hit enter

    1153 days and 22 hours ago.
    Customer Reply
    It did not worrk

    Accepted Answer
    Ok it seems the administrator password XXXXX changed. are only option is to boot into the recovery partition and restore the computer to its factory defaults which will wipe your computer to the way it was when you bought it. IS there any data on it that you need?

    To enter the recovery partition. power down your laptop and restart it and immediately after restarting it hit the ALT F10 keys continuously until you boot into the recovery partition. from here you can restore the netbook.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

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    Answered: 11/30/2009
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    1153 days and 22 hours ago.
    Customer Reply
    after i hit enter what to do next

    Posted by online_help33 1153 days and 22 hours ago.
    Response From Expert
    Where did you hit enter are you in the acer recovery partition.

    Read more: I locked my netbook an forgot my password what can i do to - JustAnswer
  • When you get to the login screen after choosing safe mode with command prompt you should then have access to the admin account. The password for this account should be blank as its a hidden account , so when it asks for one just press enter. Unless your daughter somehow managed to change that one as well! If she did then that make things harder. As said above you can download a linux based program that can recover passwords. You'll need a have a bootable USB flash drive to make that work as you haven't got a cd drive. The only other option is to do a factory reset. Which is done as described above. You need to access the recovery partition when booting. To find out what keys you need to press to access it you'll need go to the manufacturers website and check their support site. It's normally alt and one of the F keys. This basically puts it back to how it was when you brought it, meaning you'll lose anything that been put on there since.
  • She managed to delete the admin account I think the only choice is her. Username :/
  • You can't delete the admin account.
    Her username comes up because she is the admin account.

    To fix this problem you need to
    1) Make a bootable USB stick..............this is alot more complex than you would imagine.
    2) Load a win 7 repair disk image onto the bootable USB stick or one of many bootable utility disks which have a password discover or reset option.
    3) Boot from the USB and fix the problem.

    It's only complex if you aren't familiar with these procedures/the warez world.

    Advice above such as booting into safe mode won't work as the admin password has to be hacked or the repair option must be used,
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  • Ok how much is this likely to cost me I do not have a USB stick or a win 7 repair disc? I was hoping problem could be fixed without having to spend too much if anything such as a complete system recovery. :(
  • Your netbook may have a second partition with a recovery image that you can boot from. Though unlikely.
    Obviously this recovery would cause you to loose all your data.

    DIY option would be £4-5 as you would need to buy a 4gig USB stick. The repair disk would need to be downloaded from Microsoft although they love to hide things like this. Is it 32 or 64 bit? I would guess at 32 bit but you need to grab the right one.
    You would also need to have a program which handles ISO images.
    Again the utility to make your USB bootable can also be downloaded from Microsoft although I found that it didn't work when I was sorting out fixing someones netbook.

    Not sure what a repair shop would charge. If you were in the New Cross area I would do it for £10 (24hr turnaround).

  • Most laptops/netbooks have recovery partitions.
    just google the make and model of your netbook and include recovery partition and it will tell you what key(s) you need to press when booting up to access it.
    For example Samsung netbooks require you to press F4, compaq & HP use F11. With Dells you have to hold ctrl & F11. emachines are alt & F10.
    Some give you the option of backing up files before doing the reset but you'll need a USB drive for this.
  • It's msi I will try and google it stebo and thanks absurb I'll bear you in mind live in sittingbourne now but know new cross very well.
  • Download something called Hirens Boot CD - has to be version 10.3 or this wont work.

    You will need to make a bootable USB - there is a program included in the download.

    Boot from the USB and then look for DOS Boot CD Option, choose the password utilities in the menu then choose active password changer. Agree to all the messages then select option 2 - search for MS SAM database.

    After a few mins it will display the usernames on your machine choose the one you want to unlock and press y when your in the user menu and bobs your uncle.

    Use this method at work all the time when our staff forget their passwords on their laptops - much easier than re-imaging and your PC isnt touched.
  • My stupid, IQ of an 8 year old, ex boyfriend managed to do it in about 10 minutes and the arrogant git won't tell me how. But boy I feel stupid...
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