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Would anyone like to watch an Upbeats training session?

After our mammoth fund raising effort at the end of the season where we auctioned off signed shirts (Eaaststandmike and Weegie Addick kindly donated) and NSS' flag amongst other things we have been invited down to watch a session and learn a bit more about the group.

The date is 16th February and the session is 1pm to 2.30pm at the Training Ground. TCE will also be down there with Bailey that day.

There are 4 of us going but I think we can bring along more. If you are interested please put your name below and ill see what the response is like. Im not sure what the stipulation on numbers is. so i cant promise that all those that want to go will be able.

A few of us will no doubt retire to the Beehive afterwards!



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