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The Christmas Eve Charlton Relay Quiz

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Below are some questions to be answered, though to make it a little more difficult and to give more people a chance at joining in, PLEASE DO NOT POST ALL THE ANSWERS just because you can. Instead, PLEASE JUST POST ONE ANSWER AND REFRAIN FROM HAVING ANOTHER GO UNTIL AT LEAST TWO OTHER PEOPLE HAVE TAKEN A TURN. This way everyone is working as a team to complete the quiz together. There's 15 questions, knowing what a knowledgeable bunch you are, I reckon that between you you can complete it in 20 guesses.

For the record, all answers can be found in Matthew Easley's excellent Miscellany book.

1. Name the only two players to have won the Player of the Year award and Young Player of the Year award in the same season.
2. What unusual pre-match entertainment did some Charlton supporters witness whilst away to Brighton on 29th August 1973.
3. Which two Charlton managers were commonly known by names other than their given ones?
4. Which five players have scored over 100 goals each for Charlton?
5. Who has earned the most England caps as a Charlton player?
6. Which former Charlton manager once represented Essex Schools alongside Glen Hoddle?
7. How many times have Charlton been promoted?
8. Charlton's biggest ever points haul was the 101 from last season. What was the record before that?
9. The “Build A Bonfire” chant, is usually sung to which tune?
10. What did Southampton's Alec Campbell become the first person to do at The Valley in November 1921?
11. Ten year's before Keith Peacock's ground breaking substitution, Jimmy seed argued the case that there should be substitutions in which limited circumstances?
12. Which former Addick went on to be a probation officer?
13. What has been the most common cause of abandoned matches at The Valley?
14. Former manager Albert Lindon represented Charlton in which position?
15. What was the most common forename amongst the Charlton side that beat Sunderland at Wembley?


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