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CP has a nice headache...

...If all our forwards are fit.

The 1st time in a while where all of our strikers are plausible.

Personally I would always start with Hulse and Haynes upfront if we are playing the likely case of 4-4-2.

Kermorgant and Fuller can't sit on the bench though, they are of course good enough for the 1st team. That is where CP has, or would have to make his mind up on what is best for the team.

I don't know about Fullers injury or when Haynes is back, but with that in mind I expect BWP to be involved vs Millwall on Saturday. I like him but he needs to improve on his dry patch form which I can't see happening.


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    Good dilemma Dave...
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    Only a select few that are 1st on the team sheet this season, a contrast to last season. Its better and more competitive fighting for places.
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    I'd be surprised if BWP gets a look in at Millwall unless both Fuller and Haynes are not even on the bench. He's currently bottom of the pecking order amongst our strikers and I don't think we'll see too much more of him in a Charlton shirt.
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    Is there such a thing as a nice headache? In my experience all headaches are f*cking nasty!
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    I'd find it hard to leave out Hulse after how well he's been doing, but it'd be criminal to leave out Yann, especially if he's even fitter than he was last game. Then throw in Fuller who scored a beauty last game and Haynes who has is arguably our biggest threat through his sheer pace. You could add BWP but I'd prefer any combination of the other four to him for this game.

    On top of that this is one of those games where playing 5 in midfield wouldn't be a bad idea. Like you I'd start H&H if both fit and a 4-4-2 has been chosen, but if not Kermogant as a lone striker.
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    I think Haynes is perfect for 4-5-2 as you can make the switch to 4-4-2 with no need for substitutions (a la Cardiff (H)) and he's dangerous in both. Tucking Pritchard in next to Haynes in the midfield also means you have someone ready should you change the formation; Pritch also seems to work well with Haynes.

    As it stands (with uncertainties about Fuller and Haynes) we have the option of Yann and Hulse up top. With everyone fit though I'd go for Hulse and Haynes who look dangerous as a combination; or Yann and Haynes - who I think may work really well. I'd like to see Haynes on the recieving end of some of Yann's flick-ons.

    Then with 20 to go, bring Fuller on to try and get through some of the weary defence. It's difficult to pick the strike-force with this squad though!

    Haynes - Pace.
    Fuller - Skill and Strength.
    Yann - Beast-like Strength.
    Hulse - works his ass off and generally sets up some nice play.

    Even BWP seems to work his ass off, I just dont think he has the finishing thats required - although I think he could take a Hulse type role on if asked.
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    is Haynes fit though? SCP saving him for the spans?
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    We are spoilt for choice up front. Just need to sort our mid as our defence is sound once Wiggy is back.
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