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Frimpong, Seabourne, Haynes anyone have any idea if they are likely to play on Tuesday. Sounds like their abscence (Frimpong after injury) caused an imbalance in the team.


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    According to the official CL preview EF and DS will start, Haynes on bench
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    Powell sounded hopeful about Frimpong and Seabourne but I got the impression he was less optimistic about Haynes. Hopefully they'll all play though
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    We missed Haynes badly yesterday.

    I haven't seen Seabourne play for us but we badly lacked a proper left back and although Kerkar could not be faulted for effort some of his positional play was appalling.I think it is accepted that JJ just would not have the pace to play there at this level.

    I hope everyone is fit for Millwall next Saturday because this is our last two game week until Xmas when the games come thick and fast but hopefully Evina and /or Wiggins might be back.
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    Frimpong will play - he went off with cramp a consequence of not much first team football recently followed by charging around on a heavy pitch.
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    My son (sonic) was chatting to Haynes yesterday - said he would be back for Millwall, son asked him what the problem was - he didn't say.
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    Just want 3points - not bothered by the performance.
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