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For Sale - Shirt signed by Chris Solly and Danny Haynes - For Sale

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Kindly donated by Rufusisadogs name we offer an XXL shirt from last season signed by two of this season's stars

Brand new with tags this shirt is in excellent condition.

Usual auction rules. Don't bid if you can't or don't intend to pay. Winner pays postage or collects. Auction ends this Wednesday. Opening bid is £10

In case you hadn't seen we are aiming to raise £2,500 towards a new vehicle for the Academy after Paul Hart asked if we could repeat the fund raising for the new academy mini-buses for last season.

This is what Paul Hart said:

At the Charlton Athletic Academy our main objective is to create not only a very professional and educational learning environment but also one that is safe. Consequently last year we acquired, with the help of Charlton Life, Bromley Addicks and Valley Gold, two new mini buses, which enable us to transport about 30% of the boys from home to school or from home to the training ground.

We feel that, unlike many of our competitors, we can say to our prospective parents that we care for your boys whether they are on our premises or away from them.

Once again we find ourselves in a similar position to last year, we need another vehicle to add to our fleet of two so that we can further improve our commitment to our boys and their parents.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to anybody who is willing to contribute to this cause and I can assure you that it will be employed to have the greatest effect.

Kindest Regards

Paul Hart
Charlton Athletic Academy Director

So there you have it. Target £2,500 is now launched. If you have any prizes that you would be willing to donate and think may attract interest, please send me an inbox message. Already have some great signed pictures from CAFC 999 and am expecting some one-off Chris Powell T-shirts any day now so watch this space.

Also have a couple of match worn shirts from this season coming up but for a very special cause. More of that when I have all the details


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    Paul Hart says: "We feel that, unlike many of our competitors, we can say to our prospective parents that we care for your boys whether they are on our premises or away from them."

    We care for them by getting other people to fund their transport? Why dont the club pay for the Academy costs? Or is that a silly question?
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    Not a silly question at all.

    PH said that he'd be able to find some of the money but needed some extra.

    Why money is short for this sort of thing I don't know and that is an important question that only someone at the top of the club ie not Paul and obviously not me can fully answer.

    Meanwhile this is something practical we as fans can do. I fully understand that not everyone can or wants to contribute which is also fine.
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    Cheers Matt, £20 it is
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    Nice one Danny, £30 is the bid.

    We're £170 in already to our £2500 target not counting this auction
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    £40 from me Ben
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    Cheers Tel

    Double top it is.
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    Do we get a picture ?
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    Cheers LL, a bullseye it is
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    Sorry but the close ups came out very pink. The shirt is red as you can see about
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    Still at £50 and still a whole 25 hours left to bid.
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    Last day today

    Was given a fantastic auction piece last night but more of that later
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    LL still out in front with a £50 bid.

    Can he hang on to it or will someone nip in with a late bid.

    Watch this space.
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    Auction closes at 5.00 pm
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    Congrats to LL and another £50 towards the Academy vehicle.

    We've now raised £220 towards our £2500 so almost 10% of the way there.

    I think we need a -ometer like they used to have on Blue Peter.
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