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Premature Evaluation Thread

To help with the "humble pie/told you so" threads please give your views on today's transfers

A: Seabourne. Crap or Star

B: Eggert. Waste of space or Brill

C: Harris. Not good enough or prem player

D: Sullivan. Glad he's gone or should never have let him go.

E: Wagstaff. Should have left him at Orient or so glad he's back


  • what? where does it say Wagstaff back??
  • A. Who?
    B. Who?
    C. Who?
    D. Good for him
    E. Since when?
  • Powell out.
  • Sorry, ignore E: not on OS yet.
  • Everyone is terrible.

    I'm going for this strategy because it worked with Yann.
  • Oh sorry, thought this was a thread about "man problems".
  • A: All at sea
    B: We'll have egg on our faces
    C: Whoever signed him should be carpeted
    D: Only Fools and Horses would have sent him out on loan
    E: The tail is Wagging the dog
  • am i allowed to put a ;-) at the end just to cover all bases?
  • Yep it is a safe assumption that they are crap until they prove otherwise...
  • I like to have seen a player for 5 minutes before I form an un-changeable opinion of them.
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  • A: will win the National
    B: not the same after Mastermind
    C: CP will need to tame his ego after so many years of success with his fist stuffed up that duck's arse
    D: seems disinterested in the game & always arguing with the top brass after having the O' removed from his surname
    E: Green is better
  • A: Seabourne. Pah! Only good enough for Hellenic Football League Division One East

    B: Eggert. Would look good in the Liverpool County Premier League Premier Division, thats his level

    C: Harris. Would struggle in the Devon and Exeter Football League Division Three

    D: Sullivan. Why did we let him go, he's at least Premier League standard

    E: Wagstaff. Only a little bit more experience away from being a leading star in Serie A. - sort it out Powell
  • On the basis of bugger all actual knowledge, as per usual....

    A: Seabourne. Crap or Star? Neither, but ok enough.

    B: Eggert. Waste of space or Brill? Don't know but would have been a headline writer's dream if he had joined at Easter.

    C: Harris. Not good enough or prem player? Under 21/development player who'll be gone by the summer.

    D: Sullivan. Glad he's gone or should never have let him go? Glad for him and hope he get's some games and an offer.

    E: Wagstaff. Should have left him at Orient or so glad he's back. Glad if he actually gets a game, not just to warm the bench.
  • a - Crap, All Jiminez fault
    b - Crap, All Jiminez fault
    c - Crap, All Jiminez fault
    d - Crap, All Jiminez fault
    e - Glad hes back I like him more than Green but should never have let him go, All Jiminez fault
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Roland Out!