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Last night's atmosphere

There was no doubting the crowd was the proverbial 12th man last night and I was most heartened that we kept singing even at 2-0 down to the (then) table-topping team. We truly created a fantastic atmosphere for the game and our players. But we have all been there in the past when we hear the vitriol and boos when we have gone just a goal down or being held goaless to worse opposition. My question is had we not been playing Cardiff last night and say it was Ipswich that had taken a two goal lead would we have been boo-ing or at least muted which may have lead to a downward spiral for us in the match? Do we only really come out in support when we are a clear under-dog? I hope not but I feel it does come across this way a lot of the times.

By the way for all the boo-boys and girls out there I hope you can now see the positive nature of supporting rather than booing your team when the chips are down even if you think it's your right to express that opinion as a paying customer!
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