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Chris Powell, quote from last night's game.

"The crowd could quite easily have turned at 2-0 down but I felt they dragged us through and our support was superb".

After flicking through red's match commentary last night, couldn't believe some of the negativity at 0-2.

Understandably you don't expect that sort of turnaround, but you could at least keep the thoughts to yourself.

Thankfully it would appear that those that were there, did so.


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    Nothing wrong with being critical on a forum, we all need somewhere to vent our frustrations on all things charlton. Thankfully, The crowd at the match were positive and defiant and proved (for the first time in a long while) to really be the 12th man. Such a great atmosphere. I'm still buzzing this morning..............
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    Only some robbo others believed we could do it
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