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Players & Fans Relationship

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Loving the relationship this set of players has with the Charlton supporters at the moment and last season.

Think its been lacking from our club in recent years, where we had a premier league squad that becomes involved with sponsorship and media over the supporters (sometimes not the fault of the players) and the fairly unpopular squads under Pardew and Parkinson.

CP as a fans favourite takes some credit for this. Im sure he's explained to the players what playing for Charlton means and how important its fans are.

Only have to go on Twitter to see the players recognising the support. Hamer has come under some stick from a few numpties but its usually spot on from all players on social media. The players always seem to clap the fans in attendanace aswell, which should be madatory.

Footballers seem to have come under a lot of stick this year, but i think we've got a group of good'ens down The Valley.

Lets keep behind them.


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    Agree, although more than anything its probably down to that they actually seem like a decent bunch of people more than CP telling them how it is
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    edited October 2012
    Have to agree Gary old son, possibly close to my favourite season last season for this reason let alone smashing all comers with 101. That's the Powell factor in my opinion too, he knows.
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    I think twitter really does play a very good role on the whole in the relationship between players and fans.
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    Sopt on. I love this set of lads we have at the moment and although i understand CP will have to be harsh and get rid of some of them as we hopefully progress it will be sad.
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    yep, loved last season not least for the way the players celebrated goals and seeing their reactions again this season (mainly at away games) leads me to believe that they still care and want to do it for us all over again.
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    agreed ... i loved dorian devrites celebration after his goal yesterday.
    - blowing kisses into the away section - ... quality
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