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Players Marks: Leeds v Charlton

For those at Elland Road tonight, your marks please:


Wright Phillips n/a
Hollands n/a


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    edited October 2012
    Hamer- 7 ( hardly troubled during the game)
    Solly- 8(should've scored but put in a great performance, very consistent as usual)
    Morrison-7.5( looked solid, dealt with strikers well)
    Cort-8( won everything as per usual, unlucky that the goal wasn't ruled out for a foul
    Evina- 7.5 ( looked composed , good option , played well, liked what I saw)
    Wilson- 8 ( absolute quality , seemed to tire but was brilliant I thought)
    Jackson-7(not his biggest fan but proved me wrong and put in a shift
    Pritchard-9 MOTM( was EVERYWHERE, great work rate, breath of fresh air ! )
    Devite-7( nice to see him score, played well but over complicated it at times, decent )
    Kerkar- 7( missed a couple of chances but did overall well)
    Hulse-8( v good performance , great work rate, plays lone striker role well , good replacement for fuller and Kermorgant)
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    thanks Solly, have a good & safe trip home
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    thanks Solly, have a good & safe trip home

    Thanks mate, got me can of red bull but my phones running outta batt , gonna be a long trip !
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    Hamer - 7 (not alot to do)
    Solly - 8 (nice to see him I'm his preferred position. Had Diouf in his back pocket)
    Morrison - 8 (solid)
    Cort - 8 (as above)
    Evina - 7 (shaky start, hard place to deputise, not to bad at all)
    Wilson - 8 (very classy, great link up with solly)
    Jackson -7 (didnt do a lot wrong)
    Pritchard - 9 MOM (was everywhere, amazingly energetic)
    Devite - 8 (a few loose balls. Like him in that holding position. Plus one for the goal)
    Kerkar - 8 (roasted defenders, didn't keep the ball for too long today)
    Hulse - 7.5 (holds the ball up well)
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    Loving these ratings - especially pleased to read Evina coped well
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    Hamer 7
    Solly 8
    Morrison 7
    Cort 7
    Evina 7
    Wilson 7.5
    Jackson 7
    Pritchard 7
    Devite 7.5
    Kerkar 7
    Hulse 8.5
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    se9addick said:

    Loving these ratings - especially pleased to read Evina coped well

    I remember saying 'that boy will be a star' after his first few games! I really hope Evina will be give a run.
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    Hamer 7 Didn't have a lot to do tbf. Another goal at his near post but it was a good finish by Norris
    Solly 9 Today just reminded me what a class act this guy is. Coped with Diouf well and provided an attacking threat
    Morrison 7 Solid. Didn't notice him too much but that's probably a good thing
    Cort 8.5 Great in the air and very unlucky not to score twice
    Evina 8 Looked comfortable and took his chance in the starting XI well
    Wilson 8.5 Provided a good attacking threat
    Jackson 7 Some nice touches and got stuck in which I liked. Did hit a good chance hopelessly wide.
    Pritchard 9 Flicking balls all over the place and, as already said, was everywhere
    Devite 7 The odd poor pass but can't fault his finish.
    Kerkar 8.5 Danger man, tricky and always available
    Hulse 8 Held the ball up well

    The team is obviously capable. We outplayed Leeds and we should have had 3 points. Why can't we replicate this form at home!!

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    Hamer - 7
    Solly - 8
    Morrison - 8
    Cort - 8
    Evina - 8
    Wilson - 8.5
    Jackson - 8
    Pritchard - 6.5
    Devite - 7
    Kerkar -6
    Hulse -7.5
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    Hamer - 7.5 - Handling has been good in the last few games
    Solly - 7.5 - Performance you come to expect these days, half a point off for missing a good scoring chance.
    Morrison - 8 - Solid, unlucky with a set piece header.
    Cort - 8 - Super solid
    Evina - 7 - Side looks more balanced with him in, but very jittery start.
    Wilson - 8 - Looked dangerous and caused Leeds problems
    Jackson - 7 - A better performance from JJ. Half a point off for a chance that should have troubled the goalie.
    Pritchard - 8.5 MOM - Up and down all game, tireless performance.
    Devite - 7.5 - Too many low percentage passes, but looked good in the sitting midfield role, extra half point for the goal.
    Kerkar - 7 - Looked dangerous as Wilson did, lost the ball a few times and missed a chance you'd expect him to score, another half point off.
    Hulse - 8 - Worked ever so hard and was taking a bit of punishment, got a few shots off as well. Leeds fans appreciated him as well.

    Wright Phillips n/a - should have scored at least one, great save though. Encouraged as BWP was there to have the chance, other strikers do not have his movement.
    Hollands n/a

    Lovely nights sleep in the Crowne Plaza, breakfast, now long boring drive home.
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    Very please Evina played and done ok, lets hope we can build on it as we have had a few good performances/results away just need to get some confidence at home
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    edited October 2012
    Hamer 7 Nohing too much to do, but what he did he did well, no chance for there goal
    Solly 8 Good to see him at right back
    Morrison 7 Mr Reliable
    Cort 8 Thought he was superb
    Evina 6 Shaky start but got better, would keep him in
    Wilson 8 Another excellent performance, tired in last 10
    Jackson 7 Centre mid looks to be his best position in this league
    Pritchard 9 last minute replacement, my MOM was everywhere
    Devite 7 Solid few wwayward passes
    Kerkar 8 Excellent threat all game
    Hulse 8 Thought he held the ball up superbly

    Thought the set up was negative but proved very wrong, love watching this team away, just need to do it at home
    I think we revel at being the underdog, can't wait for Wolves on Saturday

    Wright Phillips n/a
    Hollands n/a

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    Hamer - 6 Had nothing to do
    Solly - 7
    Morrison - 8
    Cort - 8
    Evina - 7 A decent display
    Wilson - 8
    Jackson - 6 Missed a great chance just after they scored fortunately wasn't costly
    Pritchard - 7.5 Ran around a lot but can be easily knocked off the ball
    Devite - 7 On this display could keep Hollands out of the side
    Kerkar - 7
    Hulse - 8.5 MOM for me, gave the Leeds back line a hard time
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    Hamer - 8 (why always low marks because his defence is so good which is not his fault?)
    Solly - 8 couple of unusual errors early on but the lad is too good for this league
    Morrison - 8 unbreachable
    Cort - 8 as Morro and could have scored again
    Evina - 8 good debut in the circumstances
    Wilson - 8 showing exactly why he was bought
    Jackson - 7 missed a very good chance
    Pritchard - 8.5 not perfect but he made the difference in central mid
    Devite - 7.5 I think we will see a lot of him in this role.
    Kerkar - 8 showed a lot of good close control
    Hulse - 8 did his job excellently. Fuller but without the goal threat

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    Hamer - 7
    Solly - 9
    Morrison - 8
    Cort - 8
    Evina - 7
    Wilson - 7
    Jackson - 7
    Pritchard - 8
    Devite - 7
    Kerkar - 7
    Hulse - 7
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    right that's it folks, stats soooon
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