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Google to MSN

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Can anyone help me out?

I turned off me PC last night with Google as me search engine, turned it on this morning and MSN is me search engine???

I've looked at the default setting and it still says, but when I close the window and open it again using the desk-top icon, it goes to MSN???

Any advice greatly recieved as MSN sucks balls!



  • Should be able to change it in whichever internet browser you uses settings, i did it earlier to get rid of this stupid AVG searcher Chrome was making me use. Should be able to go settings > search > Select Google. That's what I had to do at least.
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    Check its not an MSN Toolbar with homepage etc etc.

    Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features

    remove it from there.
  • Cheers fellas, will have a look.
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