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NEW ARTICLE - My job isn't just about chatting to directors

latest update from the Supporters Director in the Kentish Times.

Topics include bottled beer and safe standing


  • F*** me that was quick.
  • North Lower to return to a terrace.

    LOCKED ON !!
  • so Henry, regarding safe standing, what would the next step be ?

    Would it have to be initiated from clubs, footballing bodies, or the politicians ?
  • Charlton have tried to raise it at Prem League meetings but other clubs not interested it seems. It's really up to the politicians to allow a change in the law and then a club brave enough and who is willing to spend the money to take it up as a test case IMHO. With an election coming up soon-ish the ideal would be one of parties to take it on as an issue
  • or an appropriate time for a party to pay a bit of lip service to it when it really wants nothing to do with it....
  • Such a cynic D. All politicians love football . FACT.
  • they will in the run up to an election. LOCKED ON.

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