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Cort: We had to stand up and be counted after recent losses

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And Powell reaction to Blackpool win


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    The Addicks had lost back-to-back home games against Blackburn and Watford going into their trip to the seaside.

    You may wish to correct that :-)
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    "The Addicks had lost back-to-back home games against Blackburn and Watford"

    Might need a bit of correcting.

    Cort's done really well this season, the Watford hugging incident aside, and Powell somehow still has the ability to make me feel very emotional with every interview he gives... the man could probably talk about pond-life and still bring me to tears.
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    I guess Blackburn felt like a loss as it was definately 2 points dropped
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    When I looked at the team sheets before the game I thought we didn't stand a chance... never imagined I'd be leaving the ground completely gutted that we drew.
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    The problem is when you type something like that I can't be bothered to read further

    Shame as I really used to enjoy the stuff NS posted and wrote
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    My fault Covered End and changed. Don't give up on us NLA yet!
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