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Edmonton, Alberta Addick - or Charlton in unusual places

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Many apologies for nearly running you off the road today!! Couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled in behind a car in North Edmonton with a big Charlton Athletic sticker in the rear window!!! Had to overtake & shout out a quick "Come on Charlton" before cutting you up & driving off!!

Anyone else seen Charlton car stickers abroad???


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    Where abouts was that Oaky? Weirdly that wasn't me which means there must be at least 3 Addicks in Edmonton (including me and the Missus) so I'd be really interested to hear if the person you saw posts on here.

    BTW, if you see me in Edmonton you'll see 2 kit hangers in the back and a CAFC plate on the front, be sure to say hi! :-)
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    right up in the north, not far from St Albert Trail/Yellowhead intersection - very rare to see British football paraphernalia on cars here, so was totally shocked to see a Charlton one emblazoned on his back window!

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    Yes, you see the odd Man Utd/Liverpool/Arsenal/Chelsea shirt and I saw a truck with a Chelsea badge the other week but apart from that mine is the only other car I knew of with football paraphernalia. I'll shall be keeping an eye out now though, not that I'm in that part of town often.
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    I just got back from a month in Edmonton!

    Met plenty of Brits through playing a bit of footy over there... But no sign of any addicks

    Gotta say, I REALLY liked the city
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    Well it wasn't me Oakster although I have been in Edmonton on business this week and I do have a Charlton sticker in the back of the van!! Not seen any here in Calgary....
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    I'll be on the look out for yours AA as I am in Calgary all the time, The Ship & Anchor on 17th has loads of football scarves including a Nigels one on the walls but no Charlton - need to rectify that!
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    I saw a teenager in a small Malaysian village wearing a Charlton shirt. When asked if she was a supporter, she said "no, just cheap in market". It was in those premiership days, of course.
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    I saw a man wearing a Charlton shirt at a Melbourne Victory game around January 2006, may have been Mascot88?
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