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  • Wow, ive just nicked that for Facebook!! What a bunch of clowns!
  • aaaarghhh !
  • dear god there are some specials there
  • Full on deviants they look dont they dude!! Lol
  • Ackworth must be a bit miffed he is a Charlton fan -if he read that article.
  • the club that keeps on giving.
  • That is pathetic, football is a totally different experience, those people are gonna get some ridiculous stick.
  • "Your stand is over there..."
    "I know, I've been sat there for 15 years"
  • I thougt they wore all black ?
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  • Perhaps they could light smoke bombs to help guide new fans to the ground?
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    What the article failed to pick up on was that every one of them is called Nigel - especially the one on the right who also has the middle name of Nigel!

    Also, if you upset them - they have been trained to use those gloves!
  • Its lucky theyve been given those snazzy matching umbrellas, which should come in handy when the entire ground is pouring abuse down on them
  • How could anyone possibly think that this would be a good idea?

    Surely the Olympics needed them because most were tourists who had no clue where to go. Chances are if you're going to Selhurst, it won't be your first time, so why would need someone to direct you?
  • The CPFC Games Makers will be equipped with stadium maps, general information, details of train routes and a wealth of club knowledge to ensure that they are able to assist the fans.

    Blue anoraks, dodgy caps, experts on trains, properly living up to the stereotype eh?

    They may have won the battle, but feck me they get massacred every other day of the year!
  • Dear Crystal Palace FC,

    you are a joke.
    Sort yourselves out FFS, before people think all South London clubs are that clueless.
    Its getting to the point where I'm starting feel genuinely sorry for some of your supporters. And I don't want to, because I bloody hate them.


    a sane football fan and embarrassed human being.
  • You see the problem is in the old days you could drive to the town where the game was, and then follow the crowds to find the ground. Well nowadays with the attendances Palace are getting this isn't so easy anymore, and they probably need a bunch of Nigel's to point their foamy hands in the general direction of Selhurst.
  • Pahetic foam hand and daft clothes aside. Perhaps it would work out quite well. Suppose they had first aid training and radio links with the stadium to help advise people about train delays, parking restrictions etc. Got to be better than stewards who (mostly but not always) seem to have the customer service skills of Phil Parkinson.

    Perhaps we should give them a few games and then judge the scheme?

    I know I'm gonna get slated for this because it Palace, but it's a bit harsh to slate people who have given up a bit of spare time to help other people, even if they do look like they escaped from Broadmoor.
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  • Are you having a laugh - they only serve to ridicule their club. Do you honestly believe hey have radio links. I grant you they might have wlakie talkies in their hand bags but that would be to communicate that SR200016 is one carraige short and 20 seconds late - not for crowd control
  • SAD ! The foam hands have the wrong finger sticking up. It should be the middle one. Can't they do anything right?
  • The only people they can provide value to is away fans - who will absolutely hammer them with abuse.
  • All Palarse fans should dress like that- they could give the Hartlepool Smurfs a run for their money.
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    I think that you'll find that I said that they would be useful. 'suppose' they had radio links. It was a suggestion!
  • So they've just re-branded the Ultras?
  • That photo looks like a collection of paedophiles on day release as they prepare to be re-integrated back into society.
  • They're going to stand in Trafalgar square and redirect confused tourists to Selhurst Park. It's part of their 'Target: Some Sort of Crowd' initiative.
  • How hard is it to tell 10,000 home fans where to sit ?

  • I'd like to tell them where to sit - would help if I had one of those gloves too!
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