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He comes from Tivoli , he Plays like our Pelé

Ok give me the Poetic license that doesnt quite Rhyme. Extra e and nö accent and then it Might just

Lads we have a star in our midst. Just like Yann the man was too too Good for League One, our ric is a Cut above.

Sure the Keeper should have had it, Thats why he isnt tending nets in the PL. But he didnt and RF10 is Off the Mark. Bang, Big hulking Champs Player was dispossed Centre Circle. Champs defender was scared witless and ran away. Our ric ran it 30 yds , nö pace? (actually Reminds me of Claus in the Way he Runs quicker with than without the Pigs bladder - a god Given skill). His Finish was composure, he Hit it badly for him, but the clinical Mindset with which he approached the situation was evident. Play the percentages but Play them with a superior Level of technique. Pure gravy

I was about 14 when he First came. Im Not gönna express my strong views on some of the more important issues at our beloved CAFC and can only express admiraton for those of u collectivising and TRUST in Each other.

But Super ric, RF10 is a Bloody Fine distraction


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Roland Out Forever!