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Dying to discuss this as we saw it at the weekend and no one else seems to have watched it.

Anyone seen it? anyone that hasn't - go see it - thought it was great!


  • saw it a couple of weeks ago ... superb ... Tom Hardy is terrific, and great cameo role from Gary Oldman.

    Excellent soundtrack (and sccreenplay) by Nick Cave with a superb version of the Velvet's White Light / White Heat
  • ... plus the actress that was in Alice in Wonderland ... Mia Wasikowska ? ... very good
  • Loved it

    But I do have a bit of a man crush on Tom Hardy so its a bit biased.

    I thought it was a good film though. As i say, loved it
  • great film.. bit weird how guy pierce's character went absolutely potty at the end though...

    .."i thought i walked"
  • I've got the book, so will read that first.
  • Saw this last night, really enjoyed it but can help feeling it was a bit rushed. I thought we would get to see more of Gary Oldmans character & the story would be a bit more in-depth if you like. Can't quite put my finger on it. That aside great film. Hardy is brilliant.
  • did think that Oldman would be more than a cameo, especially after he was first seen in that drive by shooting near the start?
  • Very good film. Surpassed all my expectations!
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    Lawless and End Of Watch are the two best films I have seen this year.
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