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How we react

edited September 2012 in General Charlton
Come to accept last fridays game for what it was, but as we know it was a bit of a sickening defeat.

After our great promotion year with the momentum going into the championship, the Palace home defeat was not one we were expecting. I was personally just a little doubtful going into the game, but the script in our head was that we would pick up from where we left off and give our main rivals a bit of a thrashing at home. Was not to be and Palace got their first win at the valley since 1968 if I'm right?

Out the first 5 games we have not had the best start to life in the championship. This defeat in particular would have had a hurtful impact in the dressing room, which for this group of players, I dont think is a bad thing and can prove to be good (early wake-up call turnaround). The honeymoon period is now over (If there ever was one) and we can now just get down to business.
I believe we have got our worst game of the season out the way nice and early. Of course not heaviest defeat, but in terms of what it means etc.
We need to strengthen our midfield a bit (Loan window still open) if we are going to have a successful season, which I believe would be 16th position or higher for us, we could do that.

Instead of thinking we are better than what we are, its now 41 remaining cup finals for charlton, and because of this wake up call I can see us getting atleast one win on the road in the next week, agree?



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    Having the next two games as aways may help, due to not having a superior support applying additional pressure.
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    Yeah we need to lower our expectations. I was hoping for mid table maybe seek into the playoffs. now just staying in the league is more of a realistic target.
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    I thought beefing up the midfield was right, but the Forest and Palace games have shown that we need to carry a bit more offensive threat. I won't write JJ off but he is not at th etop of his game and Sir Chris has to make a strong hard choice.

    No need to panic but whatever the result, I want to see an even game on Tuesday. We can't let teams just blitz and nullify us.
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